Happy New Year

Happy new year guys. Didn't have time to update my blog due to the emo me and roller-coaster ride I was having for the past few day. Not to worry will be updating soon. Happy NY again. :P

Calpico overhyped?

How does it taste. Not bad. Rather interesting. Oh wait. It actually taste rather familiar. Well this legendary drink much sort out by some, actually taste like.....***drum roll***. Isotonic drink + Vitagen. I'm serious. Is it worth the $2.50, definitely not...

Kettle Chips

Tried these chips since they were going cheap cold storage. Not bad. It more hard then Lay's or Ruffle's, but makes it up with its intense and complex flavour and thicker chips.

The seal is so tight its impossible to rip it open for a perfect open top.

Sizzler @ Suntec

Celebrating my friend's birthday and since he was all crazy about this place with its steak and unlimited salad bar. Unfortunately its really pricey for its stand in my opinion. Price range is from $25 and above. All sets came with the unlimited salad buffet which is value at $19.90 itself. However, who would miss the main (STEAK) in a steakhouse.

Ribeye Steak

Singapore Spicy Chicken (Hindu friend cant eat beef. :P)

Steak and Grilled Salmon

St. Louis Style Pork Ribs (Full Rack)

Teriyaki Mushroom Cheese Steak

I got the Teriyaki Mushroom Cheese Steak, should have gone with medium rare instead of medium. :s
The cheese seems to be rather like the cheese slices for the supermarket rather disappointing. In addition, only a sirloin at that price seems rather steep. The only think I enjoyed in the main is the sweet fried onions, though is seems to be rested too long, thus not as crispy as it should be. The fries are just nice with just enough season salt for flavor. Honestly, I would recommend the Sirloin Steak instead of the Teriyaki Mushroom Cheese Steak. Though priced similarly and use the same sirloin cutting, due to the "cheese and fried onions", the
Teriyaki Mushroom Cheese Steak is considerably much smaller then the Sirloin Steak set.

I also tried a bit of the Singapore Spicy Chicken, its really tender and good, but its not spicy even one bit.

On the salad bar. It has a really great variety of salads leafs, olives, sauces. There are also pre-prepared salads like tuna, pasta, potato salads, etc. (I strongly don't recommend the potato salad. Its blend.) There is also nachos with a range of different sauces and garnish like spring onion and mozzarella cheese. There is also grounded coffee machine for your cappuccino and a soup station with excellent soup with vegetable chip and crouton to go with. (The mushroom soup and clam chowder are damn good, thick and fragrant.) Finally to finish the meal, there is fruit bar and soft serve machine.

Perfectly Shaped.

Mango Fruit Cake (Fruit Noobs Beware!!!)

Birthday Boy

I do hope Sizzler adjust their menu, to provide their menu with the option of set meals alone. Instead of "forcing" the unlimited salad to the customers, since the price of the salad is "integrated" in. I feel we didn't really get to enjoy the full glory of the salad bar anyway. We were fully quite a bit from our mains and didn't really eat much from the salad bar.

Sizzler Suntec
#B1-21/22 Suntec City Tower 2
Tel: 63365866

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Ah Chew @ Liang Seah Street

Lol. I can't think of a better name for a dessert shop then this. 阿秋甜品 in Chinese sounds like I chew. I don't really remember the dentist asking me to remember to eat your daily dessert other then an apple though. Hmm...

This place is packed, so best you come in a small group or prepare to wait for a long time. Ordering is self service and one can choose from a variety of hot or cold desserts from the menu.

The Death List (considering the amount of sugar you are going to eat)

Mango Sago and Pomelo with a Scoop of Vanilla

Ice Cream with Mixed Fruits

The dessert here is not bad. Not too overwhelmingly sweet, with mango chunks and sago. However, i dislike the way they serve it with crush ice in it, instead of it being chilled. Sort of a crunchy mango sago. Ambiance is good too. Though not the romantic sort. The place is too noisy and packed to the brim. O_o.

Ah Chew Desserts (
阿秋甜品 )
1 Liang Seah Street
Tel: 6339 8198

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Astons Specialities @ Cathay

Finally, we can get good steaks in the city area at affordable prices at the new opened Cathay branch. Its located at the silent corner in right of the escalator. The place is rather small like all the other branches and you can choose between indoors or open air tables. My friends went for the sirloin steak xtra cut and grilled dory fish with herbs. As for me, I'd decided to be adventurous and try the tenderloin.

Sirloin Steak Xtra Cut with Mash & Coleslaw

Same as above, but with Fries (Paprika!!!)

Grilled Dory Fish with Herbs

Tenderloin with Baked Potato and Potato Salad

I do admitted that the tenderloin is a bit small for the price you pay ($25+), but the beef texture is worlds apart from a sirloin. Its smooth, soft and melts in your mouth with great marbling between the flesh and fat making the flesh juicy and succulent with every bite. However, I was disappointed as one of the tenderloin was burned and tough to even chew. Disappointed on it. Perhaps its due to the inexperience staff in the new establishment i assume. The sides are still good though. I love the way astons does their baked potatoes, its skin isn't burned and the potato just done, not over cooked. The potato salad is great too, with every potato coated with mayo thoroughly, no unevenness.

For people who want the better experience,go to the one in east coast road. I still prefer that one.

Astons Specialities (Cathay)
2 Handy Road #04-03
The Cathay Building
Tel : 6887 5889
Website: http://astonsspecialties.blogspot.com/

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Ichibantei @ Liang Court

Ichibantei Entrance

Checking out the menu

Quite a variety of Agemono (will try next time)

Nice Ambiance

Shabu Shabu Ramen

Chicken Karaage Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen

I had the shabu shabu ramen. The pork shabu is super thin and tender simply melts in your mouth. Ramen noodles are springy and nice, though the noodles didn't retain some of the broth in it as i would hope for. The broth is damn flavourful. Its milky texture and deep pork flavour just explodes in your mouth. This is the essence of the whole ramen. Though some of my friend did comment its a bit too thick and can be quite rich to drink the whole soup. I just drank mine anyway. :D

177 River Valley Road
#B1-50 Liang Court
Tel: 6338 0393

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Merry Christmas

Merry X'mas to one and all. May your bellies be filled and golly. Ho Ho Ho!!!

Fish Mart Sakuraya @ ParkwayParade

Well was in parkway to grab some snacks for the festive season. (more like an excuss to stuff myself. Lol!) I passed by this interesting Japanese supermart-cum-sushi bar. They have a variety of food ranging from instant fix meals to Alaskan crab. Anything for you to DIY your our sushi at home. They have a group of sushi chef who will serve sushi on the spot to you, no fancy restaurent just good sushi. Have not tried the sushi there myself, but the place is brimming with food that I just had to buy some back to try to be the next iron chef! Whahaha!

My Japanese Hoots!!!

Japanese Mayonnaise going at a bargain only at $4.80, normally this would be going at $5.80 at other supermarket. Ebikko (prawn roe) a whole heap is going for $3.50, normal a ebikko sushi is already going for $0.70, I could easily make like 10-12 pieces with this. Finally a found the legendly Calpico soft drink. There are also 500ml, 1.2 litre bottles and another concentrated version which you can mix with other drink.

Sakuraya Food Pte Ltd
80 Marine Parade Road
#B1-83D Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269
Tel: 6345 4714
Website: http://www.sakuraya.com.sg

Other Sights

Cold Storage Sashimi Section

David sure to drool over these.

Some breadtalk buns

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Macau Munch @ Senghuat Eating House

Read this base on "makan" zone from hardwarezone. Apparently base on some reviewers, its really good and authentic pork chop bun like the ones from Macau. I've never been to Macau, but base on the hype on it, I'd decided to check it out.

The store is situated in Senghuat Eating House, which is across the street from Bugis MOS burger. (Its also near the famous duck rice stall) Don't be deceive by its appearances, they have a variety of buns and fried stuff. There is even chicken cheese cutlet, definitely worth checking out another time.

Macau Munch Stall

Ham Ji Peng & Pineapple Bun

Secret in a bag

Look at that greasy bomb

Bleeding cheese

Other then the macau burger, i order the pineapple bun and ham ji peng. The pineapple bun is just like your average normal bun, sliced in half and spreaded with butter. Nothing absolutely good about it. Its just slightly fragrant. The ham ji peng is the same, at best average. Now for the good stuff.

The macau burger structure from bottom up is burger base patty, cheese, lettuce, pork chop, chilli sauce, mayo sauce and top burger patty. As you can see the burger is a grease bomb. The patties are thinly sliced and packed together to form a patty with a good teriyaki sauce coats it all around perfectly. Upon sinking your teeth in it, the burger bleeds cheese, chill and mayo. Yet the sauces compliments the whole burger quite well.

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Birthday Celebration @ Happy Pay Steamboat & Chef

To celebrate my friends birthdays (Yah. You read it right, we were celebrate 2 friends birthdays together), we went to Happy Pay Steamboat & Chef aka 天天火锅小厨 for the big occasion due to budget constraints and my craving for thinly sliced beef. Seems to pack even on a Wednesday evening. Food here is buffet style where you pick the items from the trays lay out in a row, unlike ala carte style of other steamboat places.

For variety wise. The meat category consist of the usual sliced meat, pork ribs, pig organs, etc. Vegetables consist of Chinese lettuce, spinach, shikate mushroom and string mushroom. Seafood consist of clam, prawns, crab, cockles and squid. Under misc, there are the hot dogs, meat balls, crab sticks, dumplings, etc. There is also fried bee hoon, fried rice and fried dumplings under the cooked food section. Drinks consist of either plain lipton or ice lemon tea. There is also a variety of sauces for you to choose from.

I like the way happy pay does their steamboat. Food is displayed, where the people can see and choose the food which they want. Not look at a damn menu and only to find the beef arriving still frozen stiff. I must comment that their beef is very good. Its slices thinly that i only require to swish it 4 times to and fro to get it cook just done. Also there are not much tendons in it, making it pleasant to eat. Another thing is that this place actually has a variety of sauces to go with different food, unlike somewhere which i know that only have chilli sauces. I don't believe steamboats need to be just blend food and eating it hot, a good sauce will not spoil the natural goodness of steamboat food, but may instead compliments it nicely.

天天火锅小厨 may not be the best steamboat out there, yet it is certainly not the worst or as bad as other reviews I've seen so far. Neither is it mind blowing. Weekend will be super pack or due to larger number of customers, which may cause standard to drop. Your best bet is to visit on a weekday with reservations.

No. 2 Tan Quee Lan Street
#01-01, Bugis
Tel: 63364101

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Back to the future

Due to the time paradox cause by solid snake, I will be posting some of my previous dinning experience without chronological order. Hopefully this will not happen in the future, now that i got my blog up.

Ministry of Food @ Bugis

MOF - My Izakaya has been around since 2006, yet I've don't seen to have the opportunity to eat at this place. Weird right. Not to bother as I finally have the chance to eat not once, but twice at this place.

Be prepared to wait for a while in this place, as it can be quite pack during peak hours. If u see a queue don't blindly wait in line, as you would have to get your own queue number from the counter. If not, you would have blindly waited for nothing. Now to the food.

Seafood Hotplate with Tonkatsu

Mixed Vegetable Sukiyaki with Sliced Beef Sabu Sabu

Mixed Sahsimi Plate with Udon

Tonkatsu on hot plate with Chicken Karaage

Chicken Karaage stewed in hotpot with Salmon Teriyaki

All of these which I ate within the 3 days on 2 separate visits. Food is nice and good. Though waiting a bit long as they are quite pack. Set meals come with a complimentary tea or coffee which I recommend the coffee. Tea is too blend, could hardly even taste any distinct tea taste. I personally strongly recommend on the sets above are Seafood Hotplate with Tonkatsu and Tonkatsu on hot plate with Chicken Karaage. The hotplates are simply amazing with the sauce and hot grill. Did I mention its also the most value for money amongst the lot? One note to mention. There are also a pot of green tea which the waiter will provide, this would cost you $1 per pack, even when I don't recall order it. Hmmm....

Now to the sweet stuff. Hehehe. For only $3.30, you cause top up your set meal to include any dessert from the price range of $6.80 and below. What a steal. As usual being a foodie, i lost out to temptation :)

Mocha Kakigori

Mango Kakigori

Personally I don't really take sweet things, but japs have a way of making really good dessert. Oh well. All the better for me. The way to eat kakigori is to firstly to take the syrup and pour it over the kakigori. Don't bother about the excess syrup spilling it over the glass, you aren't washing the dishes anyway. Lol. Now comes the tricky part. Spoon a bit of soft serve, then ice shavings and finally the bits of red bean or mango depending on your order. Combine and consume. Its that easy. Word of caution though, depending on your soft serve architecture structure, you may need to eat it first before the entire leaning tower of Pisa comes crashing down.

Overall, mof is a good experience for me and I don't mind coming back for more. (Oh. I actually did that already. Hmm...Lol!) If your group is large, you can book reservations first, or be prepared to wait for a wait. Serving staff are polite and they don't scream "irashaimase" at the top of their lungs unlike some other jap restaurant i know. You may need to wait a while for your food to arrive, but for what is to come its alright. My only complain is that i don't understand why would that place a vase in the middle of a walkway which is already small enough to walk.

Bugis Junction (Cafe & Restaurant)
200 Victoria Street
#02-45 Bugis Junction S(188021).
Tel: 65-6338 6466

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