I was quick intrigued by this new chill out place offering teas instead of the coffee as its main focal in the beverages they serve. There have been too many coffee points like Starbucks and Coffeebean, where they offer the caffeine addicts their fill of legal drugs.

Often people see tea as a complex and zen process with strict procedures in which the tea has to be brewed in order to achieve its full potential. This complex ceremony often proves to be too daunting for most. Thus the tea is often associated with old man taking their leisure time and slowing preparing small pots of tea and playing chess. Giving the impression, that it would be difficult to blend into the fast pacing society we are in.

Therefore, when I first heard about Teadot and their fusion tea beverages. I was deeply interested and applaud to great idea of introducing tea in a different style to the public. Breaking into the market that is already saturated with coffee chains isn't going to be easy task for the 4 entrepreneurs of this new establishment.

Teadot first launch itself at Tampines 1 and followed with their 2nd store in Iluma. There was a promotion on going, thus I paid them a visit.

The store is facing the road with entire glass wall resulting in a brightly lit store.

Interior is decorated in a modern feel with a hint of retro.

The store is really spacious and tables are space rather adequately, unlike other coffee point whom fill their stores with so many seats that its hardly able to even go into them. Most seats are cushioned and the wall seats are high and comfortable. Making it a perfect excuse just to laze around and enjoy a cup of fragrant tea.

Tea brewing contraptions

Cold drinks come in high glasses and hot drinks in ceramic cups.
Glass sizes (for the left) : Puny, Regular, Generous
Ceramic sizes (for the left) : Puny and Regular

Simply Matcha

Simply Matcha is a ice blended green tea matcha frappe with fresh milk. The ice shaving are blended to a smoothie with green tea matcha. The tea contortion is really creamy, milky and sweet, leaning to the likes of a latte.

Matcha Gravity

This is beautiful. The drink consist of a top layer consist of green tea matcha and the lower portion of milk. The heavy tea power slowly sinks to the bottom of the glass, resulting in specks of green power in the milk layer. Reflecting on the ingenious name of Matcha Gravity, as anything that goes up must come down. Compared to the Simply Matcha, this has a more intense green tea flavor and less sweeter. Another key difference is that Matcha Gravity is a chilled ice tea latte instead of the smoothie texture of Simply Matcha Frappe.

Even the tininess tea dust have to obey the laws of physics.

Interesting enough. A long time after mixing the Matcha Gravity, the green tea power seems to settle at the bottom of the glass. It isn't that clear in the picture above, but the colours seem to invert. With the white at the top and green settling at the bottom. Interesting sight.

Ice Brewed Ceylon Tea

I got this free from Teadot sms promotion. Sadly to say the promotion is over, I apologies for not posting this earlier. The tea is chilled and carefully poured over a layer of syrup. Showing the sparkle of clear liquid and warmth of an evening sunset. The ceylon tea is really refreshing and brightens my day. I detect no hints of bitterness at all, showing that the tea wasn't over extracted and allowed to sit to allow the flavours to seep out. The aroma is fragrant and clear. My friend commented that I taste like high grade lemon tea. I sigh for the ignorant.

Lavender Wilderness

This is really unique. Lavender Wilderness as the name suggest have a really strong floral fragrant of the Lavender. Really feels like you are basking under a sun in a field of flower. However, its not overpowering that it covers the tea flavours. Instead it complements the tea in balance harmony. This drink is rather subtle and goes really well when paired with light cakes.

Apricot Madness

Apricot Madness is black tea blended with yogurt and apricot. The yogurt gives the tea a slight sour tingle and creamy texture. The apricot brings out its natural sweetness. Very creamy with a slight apricot sweetness. One of my favourite teas.

Whole variety of choice that you will be spoilt.
Strawberry Cheesecake is their newly added item.

The cakes in Teadot are create by a chef which they sorted from a 5 star hotel. Cakes range from cheesecakes, moose and crumbles.

Wild Jackfruit

Bits of jackfruit chunks in the base.

Wild Jackfruit is one of the best sellers in Teadot. It consists a jackfruit smooth moose and a lower layer of jackfruit chunks still with their stringy bits and a base layer of sponge. The jackfruit flavours are really strong and can be rather sweet clingy feeling to the throat. Be sure to clear your throat with some light tea. This goes really well when paired by floral teas like Lavender Wilderness. Don't miss this. Highly recommended.

Blueberry Cheesecake

The Blueberry Cheesecake is rather average. Taste like new york cheesecake with bits of blueberry. Has a biscuit crumple at the base. Goes with stronger drinks like matcha.

Chocolate Macadamia

This is a hot favorite amongst us. The chocolate moose (lighter brown layer) has the texture of smooth melted milk chocolate bar with alternate layers of thicker chocolate (darker brown layer) consistence of bits of macadamia nuts within. The is a really winner. So good that I don't mind coming back for this alone.

You do have to wait for a while for your drinks to come compared to coffee parlors. Do however understand that as unlike coffee which is extracted with pressure to form espresso, teas require a sitting period in boiling water to allow the flavours and aroma to seep out. Thus the slightly longer waiting time.

Currently there is a promotion of 50% off any cake with any regular tea. I strongly recommend this place for chill outs. Great teas and cakes. Topped with excellent service from staff. Overall my visit to Teadot was a pleasant one. I'll be sure to visit them in the near future.

Teadot (Iluma)
201 Victoria Street, Iluma@Bugis
Singapore 188067

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July 19, 2009 at 10:45 AM

Great post! The cup looks quite big :D. But the store looks kinda deserted tho.


July 19, 2009 at 12:03 PM

Sadly most people don't appreciate a good cup of tea. Hopefully Teadot can introduce a new modern and trendy way to drink tea. I prefer the subtle and clear refreshing tea accompanied by the slight fragrant of tea leaves, compared to the sharp, strong full body feeling that coffee gives.


August 10, 2009 at 6:30 AM

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August 10, 2009 at 9:04 AM

Finally, Tea Lover has a great place to hang around liao !! Because, Teadot has great variety of drinks. I suggest... to go with few frens, tried different types of drinks before u know your taste buds.
- For me, i love the "Simply Matcha"...simply crave for it.
But, dun really like the Iced Ceylon Tea.
- Great place for group study too.
- Heard there's promo during wkdays, "something like 50% off".
(Check it out.)


November 6, 2009 at 6:58 AM

Found this, might interest u....

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Once you receive the SMS, you can drop by any teadot outlets, show SMS to our staff to redeem your drink voucher.

Redemption Period starts from 9 Nov 09 to 30 Nov 09.

To view teadot facebook page, click the link below: