Yum Cha Garden

Yum Cha is has always been one of the dim sum places that I always wanted to try out. Situated in Serragoon Gardens Country Club this isn't one of the easiest location to reach. Yum Cha is quite unique in a sense that dim sum push charts are quite a rare sight in Singapore. Yet this white elephant can be seen here, really bring back memories of the past. The overall interior setting is brightly lit and comfortable.

Chilled Tofu with Sweet and Spicy Sauce

This is actually a dish that is served to you upon being shown to your table. Nope it isn't a complimentary dish and you still have to pay for it, think peanuts and tea fee in a Chinese restaurant. Surprising this is nice. The strings of cucumber adds lots of crunch and compliments the chilled smoothness of the tofu. The sour of the sweet chilli bring in the much needed kick to make this dish tangy.

Pork Ribs with Bean Sauce

This is rather average. Texture wise the pork ribs isn't at tender as what I would prefer. Properly due to the usage of leaner cuts of meat. Well some can see this as a more healthy option, though I still like mine with a bit more fat.

Phoenix Claws

Based on feedback. Lacks seasoning. (I don't consume chicken feet, thus not my comments).

BBQ Pork Buns

BBQ Pork Fillings

Overall taste wise its alright. Filling is juicy and tasty. However, I find the crust to be a bit thick and the filling seems to be lacking in volume.

Siew Mai

The siew mai in yum cha is not bad, there is even a whole shrimp within. Difference from other siew mai is that instead of crab roe there is shrimp roe on it. However, the roe was place when steaming the siew mai, instead of after. Resulting on the cook roe, which loses its original luster taste when eaten raw.

YUMCHA Prawn Dumplings

The prawn dumplings are good. Each shrimp is well seasoned and fresh. Biting into them gives out a distinct crunch (Super Q). No joke. The shrimp were all steam just nice to perfection. Though I prefer if the skin is slightly more thinner.

Xiao Long Bao

So delicate.

Don't let those juices flow away.

I haven't eaten Ding Tai Fung's Xiao Long Bao so don't just go screaming nothing best that. However, these in Yum Cha seems good enough for most. The dumpling doesn't breaks open when lifted from their bamboo steamers. Biting its top releases the pipping steam trapped within, to reveal its rich broth. Tops the meal.

Prawn & Mango Sesame Fritters

Similar to the prawn dumpling. What you get here is a whole prawn. The texture and crunch is really good, only difference is the present of mango in the fritters, though it seems lacking a bit.

Prawn Wanton Crisp

Same huge, yummy and crunchy prawns. Delicious.

Chicken Yam Puff

Crab Stick?

I'm a huge fan of yam puff. However, Yum Cha's variation was not to my taste. The crust was thin and lacks the wholesome taste of yam. The fill was half filled with shredded crab sticks, instead of mince meat which one would expect.

Shrimp Bean Curd Roll

If you were to choose between the mango prawn fritter, I'd prefer this. Mainly due to the crispy bean curd texture.

BBQ Pork Rice Flour Roll

This one really falls below expectations. The rice flour was too thick and makes the whole dish a let down. Even those you get in the wet market beats this.

Crispy Silver Fish

This dish is addictive and goes really well with beer. However, it can be a bit salt and after much consuming can be a bit oily.

Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice

Same disappointment as the yam puff. Was dry and lacks the sauce seasoning. They should stop the crab stick filling.

Even the Chinese wrap their presents

Paper Chicken Wings

This is good. The chicken is well marinated and the sauce sinks deep into the flesh making the chicken flavourful and fragrant. Though it can be a bit difficult tearing the chicken from the paper, as some of them tend to stick to it.

Century Egg & Lean Meat Congee

I love a hot steamy porridge to complete the meal and this doesn't disappoint. Century egg is creamy and porridge is thick and tasty. Just the way it love it.

Yum Cha Garden is average in my opinion and I probably will not revisit. Though their prawn dish are their strengths, they have too many misses for me to true recommend this place.



June 28, 2013 at 11:06 AM

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