Event in Raffles City Hotel

Hair Stylist working their magic.

I was fortunate enough to attend a beauty event at Raffles City Hotel Ballroom. The meal consist of a Western Dinner Cuisines. Really enjoyed it.

Fresh Assorting Bread

Hotel Bread is totally a different league from those you get from any bakery store. I was so spoilt from the large variety of choices right in front of me. They were warm and aromatic when broke into. I couldn't stop eating these, especially with smooth silken butter spreaded on it. Every single bread sends me one step closer to heaven. If these breads were sold in a bakery, I would gladly buy them daily.

I must specially mention that there were two dinner bread that I was very fond. Firstly, was the rough grind whole grain mini loaf which was coarse in the exterior and yet very well layer interior and smells of summer and grains when bite into. Secondly, there was this regular bun. However, parting it reveals a tomato texture. I curiously bite into it and was totally blown away. There was a distinct tomato paste flavour kneeded into the dough, the presents of tomato skin where even in the bread. Strong yet not over powering the bread's nature aromas. Very unique and totally ingenious. Best bread every eaten period.

Garden Grown Green Salad with Pear, Orange Wedge, Roasted Pine Nut, and Orange Balsamic Dressing

The salad really brighten up my day. I was really tired upon arriving from the event, but this salad really perch me up. Every ingredient is fresh and crisp, pairing sweetness with a hint of sour. Neither of the ingredients overpower every other, but were at a harmony. The incorporation of the pear and orange where pleasant and balsamic vinger to the party was greatly delightful.

Baked Fillet of Snapper with Olive Oil and Herbs, and Chanterelle Jus Saffron New Potatoes and Sauteed Green Bean and Shallot

I had really expected more out of this dish, thus was a bit disappointed on how it turned out. For starters, the fish was dry and flavourful. The sauce drizzled on it was a bad combination on the fish. (Think bak-chor mee mee mushroom sauce). Really disappointed.

Confit of Chicken Thigh Roulade, Infuse with Five Spice, Honey Sweet Potato Mash and Light Port Wine Sauce

The chicken however was very lovely and tender. Meat is well perfected and seasoned. Pairing of the sweet potato mash bring a hint of sweetness to the savory dish. Nice. Too bad portions was small.

Warmed Bread and Butter Pudding with Apricot Compote

The pudding is soft and smooth. When paired with the fruits and cream custard, proved to be a big favourite amongst all the guest. I was neither overly sweet or clogging to the throat and went down nicely. The smooth pudding, rich temperate fruits, nutty bits of walnut within and a splash of warm creamy custard. Seconds anyone?

There were serving of coffee/tea and nice warmed biscuit after dessert. Though odd since it was served after dinner, but who's to complain since they was equally top notch as their bread at the start of the dinner. I worship the hotel's pastry chef.