Goodbye...For now...

One may ask why the sudden increase of posts in this blog for one day alone. Well...I haven't the time due to approaching exams. In addition, this will be my last post for a long time to come as the exam approaches I will have even lesser time. So its goodbye for now. Need not check back here till 22nd April, I will go on a temporary study break. Thus I have prepared some posts for you guys to read up before this post.

Sorry about some of the latest photos, their low resolution due to the fact I don't bring my camera to school. Thus the return of the crappy handphone camera.

For now...Goodbye.

Sweet Deal?

I got these at the BHG fair which was organised by the student union, since spending is a way to relief stress to some people. They some rather cheap. Only costing $2.90 for 3 boxes which contain roughly 15 piece of chocolate each. Why so cheap, as you may ask. Well they expire in a months time.

Here we have two flavours of dark chocolate and strawberry. The dark is slightly bitter and can be tough on the throat as it is rather thick. The strawberry in the other hand is more creamy and pleasant. Most prefer the strawberry, but depending on whether one prefers bitter or sweet this opinion may change.

Palette Addiction

I cant seem to get bored with Palette's menu, since they offer so many difference choices. Regardless. Their prices though affordable are getting a toll on my depleting wallet.

Double Deck Egg Mayo Sandwich

I was expecting something more when I ordered this. It turn out to be a regular egg mayo sandwich which has gone through a sun tanned and serve up with fries at the side. Though the toasted bread is buttered up and toasted till golden brown, indeed adds another dimension to taste. It doesn't really justify the addition $2.10 for the addition fries and slightly bigger helping of egg mayo.

Black Pepper Chicken Burger

In contrast to the Lamington Burger, Platte also offer a Black Pepper Chicken for those who don't take beef. Its rather normal. Just a chicken cutlet in a bum. Comes with fries as usual.

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Shanghai Delights

I got tried of the some canteen food which I can recite from the back of my head with no difficulty. Therefore, I went to the Canteen B (located in the South Spine) and tried some different food. Usually I don't eat from this stall as there is always a way too long queue. Flooded with all the Chinaaaa people. You should see the food on their plate. Huge pile of rice (and i mean a mountain literally), a whole fish, meat, vegetables and to top it off, Bee Hoon. Yes. I heard it right. Not enough carbohydrate for them.

Shanghai Meat Dumpling

Its is plain nasty. Maybe I'm not use to this as its the first time I'm having one. These dumpling are steamed and to add to it, the meat has this sourish taste. Not appealing in one bit. To farther worsen my ordeal the skin is thick and taste like gluten. Just horrible. Not even eating this again.

Vegetable Bun

Careful of the oil within that may seep out.

This Vegetable Bun is nice. Its stuffed with lots of vegetables, which has been fried with eggs. The bun is then placed on a grill and press down. Think waffler machine. The skin resembles the texture of bread, really nice. Do note that toward the end, it may get a bit oily. However the oil is really tasty with the fusing of the vegetables oil in it.

Executive Cafe @ NTU

Executive Cafe isn't really a cafe in NTU, instead its a Chinese restaurant that offers rather responsible prices for the budget of the students within NTU. They have a range of dim sum, noodles, buffet and 8 course set meals all to cater to the different dinning experience.

Shredded Chicken and Century Egg Porridge

This porridge is the thick type, not the watery and runny kind. If you prefer the runny type this isn't the one for you. Even myself find this a bit too thick for my liking, if it were a bit more watered down, it would have been better. Flavour wise it's rather tasty. Though my taste bud could tell that the chef had cooked the chicken separated from the porridge and later added it in. I suspect that they just add the ingredients into the porridge as the order arrives, thus resulting in blend chicken not "absorbing" the nice stock in the porridge. I minus for that.

Prawn Dumplings

I must say these Prawn Dumpling are better then I expected. They're indeed better then the average Har Gao. However, I find them a bit dry and lacking the "juice" that gets trap in the translucent skins when you steam these previous gems. Still its worth to get these. One bamboo basket is not enough.

Char Siew Noodles

Roasted Duck Noodles
Roasted Chicken Noodles

Though they may score well in terms of dim sum, but according to my friends whom order the noodles, feel that their noodles were rather disappointed. They say that the noodles were oily and lack taste. Roast meats were too tough and not tender enough.

If you wanna save some money, you can politely tell the waitress that the peanuts, wet towers and refreshments would be unnecessary to you.

Maybe I would try the buffet (which is prices at $12.90 nett) next time.

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Outback Steakhouse

Where is your Outback post? People are getting tried of waiting.

Outback is guarded by its Giant Kangaroo bouncer.

Much to the annoyance to my dining buddies, I've been taking my own sweet time writing this post. Just that I didn't really had the time and I just keep creating excuses not to write this and instead focus on my other stuff. Well. I finally gave in and its time to read about the Outback experience.

Complementary bread.

We started the meal with a complimentary bread by Outback. I believe its their Bushman Bread, but I have yet to confirm this. Comes warm, but well rested from the oven. Unlike the hard crusted french loaf, this bread is soft and slices easily. Upon breaking it open, it has this distinctive unique aroma (in a good way). Spread a bit of butter and eat. Not bad. Really one of the better breads I've eaten. Too bad the portion is small and it was gobbled up quickly. Though the bread was warm, it wasn't hot enough to melt the butter, else I'm sure it would have tasted much much better. Two's anyone?

Bushman 'Shrooms (a die die must try)

Firstly, I would like to say. Order this. Yes. You wouldn't regret this at all. Inside these battered capsules are button mushrooms with every drip of their nature juiciness locked inside. Just awaiting someone to break them open and let the juice to flow into your mouth. Although, you may want to be cautious about this. They can be quite hot, especially when just arrived on the table. It also comes with a ranch sauce for dripping and it goes really well with the mushrooms. I believe it contains sour cream in it. Rather flavorful. This is highly recommended. The top dish of this dinning experience.

Bloomin' Onion

Another appetizer, we had was the Bloomin' Onion. This is basically a humongous onion craved up, battered then deep fried till it opens up nicely, resembling a flower. Rather novelty I must say. Just imagine fries. Yup. Fries. This is really what it is when you break them from the exploded bunch. Putting the normal onion rings to shame. In the center sits the sauce with seems to be some spiced up thousand island sauce (though I would prefer more of the ranch sauce). Though it looks rather dry, its moist in the inside. Though I would complain that the crust is rather brittle and we all agreed that it was a bit too salty. Although this is Outback's signature dish (heck they even copyrighted it), compared with the Bushman 'Shrooms I would like the latter. (Btw. The picture is rather deceiving. It isn't as big as it looks.)

Outback Sirloin w/ Jacket Potato & Aussie Chips

It would be called a steakhouse, without being specialised on their steaks. Since the price difference between the 8 and 11 ounce sirloin steak was only $2. All 4 eating the Outback Sirloin opted this option. The steak varies between us. Mine was prefect and came with the doneness of medium well done. Whereas one of my friends, ordered the same as me. However, towards the thicker portion of his steak it turn out to be medium rare.

Medium rare and looking gorgeous.

As for the texture and taste wise. Its rather pleasant given that it was a sirloin steak. One thing I don't understand is why would a piece of steak in Astons seem more tendered than this in Outback. Maybe Aston tenderness their meat? Or it could be that Outback sirloin is that mush thicker, thus explaining the denser meat. I didn't feel any tendons in the presents of my steak, could be I got a good cut. Lucky me. There wasn't any bleeding too. Seems like they rest their steak well enough before serving them.

New York Striploin w/ Grilled Onion & Aussie Chips

The evil me manages to psyched one of my friends to try this more pricey New York Striploin. This big daddy weights 12 ounces and only cost $6 more. Not bad. Since you are getting 2 ounce more and a much better cut. He was kind enough to offer me a bit of his steak. Its really tender and much succulent. Well worth the money spend.

All steaks come with a choice of two sides. There are some we have tried.
  • Jacket Potato
    Baked potato that is cracked opened and topped with sour cream, chives and bacon bits. Rather fluffy. Only if they would be more generous on the sour cream.

  • Garlic Mashed Potato
    Really good. They smash their own potatoes and infuse them with garlic bits. There isn't any bitter bits of garlic. The mash isn't too smooth and you can still taste bits of potatoes, just the way I like it.

  • Aussie Chips
    Chips are also known as fries in Singapore. Normal. Taste like regular fries.

  • Rice Pilaf
    Buttered rice with spice. Rather disappointing, not fragrant and flavourful enough.

  • Grilled Onions
    Normal sauteed onions.

Jackeroo Chop

This isn't kangaroo meat as one may perceive from its name. Instead, its just grilled pork chops. Served with Aussie Fries.

Ambience is cozy with its dark and warm lit diner. Service also prompt and waiters are always as the side to answer your request at a snap of a finger. However, the dishes coming out of the kitchen can be said otherwise. They took about 15-20 minutes for our appetizers to arrive and the mains a lot longer. Thank goodness we ordered the appetizers or we could have stared to death before our steaks arrive.

To end it all. Outback is a good experience with great appetizers and above average steaks, but with that much of a heavy price tag that comes with it. I would seriously reconsider before coming back.

Outback Steakhouse (Singapore)
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-99 Millenia Walk
Tel: 6837 3242


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Palette Revisit

After reading my blog, most of my friends wanted to try out Palette again. Not that i mind, since its a good break from my usual disgusting food. However, we didn't have the chance to eat the Lamington Burger again, as they are only available after 2pm. My friend was rather disappointed. Oh well. We tried their sets instead. Though they cost more that your average school canteen food, they taste rather well.

Potato Salad

Started the meal by sharing a Potato Salad with a friend. Palette does it really good, with enough mayo to coat each potato evenly. Though I would suggest using firmer potatoes and adding more chives to improve this dish. My friend said the same and mention that Astons does a better retention of the Potato Salad, though I would beg to differ.

Breaded Chicken Cutlet

I had this for lunch. One bite into it transits me back to my Temasek Polytechnic days. Its rather similar to the Chicken Cutlet you would get at TP's business canteen. Heavily breaded (though it seems more floury then breadcrumbs to me) and fried. However, its not that oily and rather juicy inside. Each set comes with a slice of garlic bread which are crispy and tasty. They're rather generous on the garlic spread. Depending on your dish, the sides will vary. I noticed that "fried" dishes are accompanied with fries and cocktail salad, as grilled dishes have steamed vegetables and mashed potato instead.

Black Pepper Chicken Chop

I tried a bit of my friend's Black Pepper Chicken Chop. Not bad. Finally found a proper nice grilled chicken in NTU. Its like TP's Mensa Canteen chicken chop, but minus the crispy grilled skin. Pepper sauce is just right. Not too peppery or thick. There is also another dish, which is similar to this. Black Forest Chicken Chop. No. There has not been a disaster where some mad chef decided to make a cake with chocolate and blueberry, infused with chicken. Instead its just Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce. My friend did complained that the sauce was rather salty and very little. Insufficient for the whole chop.

Marina Spaghetti

Lastly, for the final dish. Marina pasta. Consists of pasta, 4 squid rings, 2 prawns and 1 lone mussel. Not bad. Though their could improve their portion side. My friend says the coffee shop under his blocks sells a larger and tasty portion of this at the side price. 0_o. Though i must say they did a great job in presentation of this dish. Nice fat and juicy prawns.

The Palette Bistro & Restaurant
Blk 2.1 #01-04, 76 Nanyang Drive
Tel: 6762 2025

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Marble Cheese by Polar

My bro's birthday did cross not too long ago and to celebrate it we got him a cake. (On top of the usually KFC, sushi, etc).

Happy 21st Birthday
(Ignore the fire hazard junk behind)

Cheese....Cake....I like...

I didn't expect much as this is polar we are talking about. They make better pies and puffy pastry. Taste wise its average. The cake has a clear layer of jellyton on top of it is damn thick and spoils the taste of the cake. The cream cheese has a hint of lemon, which seems to overpower over the cheese taste. Lastly the biscuit layer has a distinct taste of McVitie's digestive biscuits. As expected from a mass produced confectionary chain.

The Palette @ NTU

Wow. I must say. Step into a bistro and $3.50 could barely get you a proper sandwich, needless to say a hamburger. Surprisingly The Palette in NTU manages to keep prices low for us budget constraint students. After much Broadway Canteen food in NTU, I have grown severely sick and tired to the oily and horrible tasting food there. Not helping is my budget friend, whom refuse to try anything but canteen food. Amidst his absence, we decided to give Palette a chance for the time we never gave it.

$3.50 for a burger. Believe it. Comes with fries too.

There is even special sets. Like this pasta set, that comes with a drink @ $4.50

Mac, Subway and Old Chang Kee surround this quiet bistro. The place is really nice. Light and ambiance is great and place is clean and air conditioned. Great place to do group meetings and get away from your hectic studies.

Now for the food. Hamburger is nicely done. The patties are hand made with bits on onions in it, grilled to perfection and still locked in it are the juicy fats.
On the patty are topping of fresh mushrooms (not the canned nonsense), cheese, lettuce, tomato and a slice of pickle, all which are very fresh. The sesame buns are toasted and spread with a layer of mayo, not flooding it. This set even comes with fries. Highly recommended.

I regret not trying their meals earlier. Of course they cost more then your normal canteen meals. However, its good to have some tasty and comfort food near you.

The Palette Bistro & Restaurant
Blk 2.1 #01-04, 76 Nanyang Drive
Tel: 6762 2025

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Surprisely Unknown

Well most people don't even know the different kinds of wine that are available. Apparently other then the more common red and white wine, there is even dessert wines. As common sense will suggest, dessert wines compliment desserts well. Having enriching my knowledge on this "new" wine, I set out to savor this new finding.

Believe it or not. I drank this at MacDonalds.
Outback's corkage fee is $20.
Which cost more then this bottle of wine.

I couldn't find the recommended 2005 Trentham Noble Taminga, thus settled for the 2007 Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora instead. After savoring the forbidden Fruit of Adam. Its definitely something very unique and should be tried if you have not tried dessert wines before. Its rather sweet in term of wine and has this pleasant flora aroma, which a citrus taste. However, it does leave a rather sweet clogging after taste in the throat after drinking it. Still I would recommend it to those who haven't tried it. Something new is something unconquered.

$1 Macarons finished by the 1 Minute Man

Yes. I'm still very much alive. Don't worry about the lack of posts on the blog. No. I've not died on some uninhabited island, got kidnapped by terrorist or have been abducted by aliens. My friends keep asking why has my blog desecrated into a lifeless ghost town, properly due to the endless plundering loads of school work I've been doing.

Never the less, I still have time for a bit of indulgent since Bakerzin was having their wonderful $1 promotion on their Macrons. This is after the dining in Outback (which I don't have the time to write it up and will have to wait), we loitered around till we find Bakerzin's Suntec branch.

Amongs all the other fast food outlets. Bakerzin reallly stands out.

Sadly. By the time I've arrived only 3 flavours remain.

From the Right: Lemon and Japanese Yuzu

I've never been that much of a sweet tooth. So I didn't really know what to expect of these tiny mutated oreoes. Firstly, the Lemon Macaron. Its rather sour and the shell is brittle. Honestly fairly disappointing for me. I'd hope that the lemon flavour would have been a bit more subtle and sweet, instead its just blaring sour. The second piece, Japanese Yuzu Macaron was beautifully executed. The shell is soft and crumbles when you bite into it. Its crust is slightly sweeted with sugar crystals from within, which complements nicely with the fluffy smooth cream that is ever so light citrus flavour. Well done on this gem. (Though I've never tasted Yuzu before.)

As mention on the title, the enjoyment ended quickly as the amount paid. Though disappointed at first, it was still pleasent to enjoy new things that are avaliable. So don't be quick to condemn places by your first experiences. (Just avoid lemons >_<)

Bakerzin (Suntec Branch)
3 Temasek Boulevard
#B1-106 Sunctec City Mall
Singapore 038983
Tel: 6338 4656

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