Shanghai Delights

I got tried of the some canteen food which I can recite from the back of my head with no difficulty. Therefore, I went to the Canteen B (located in the South Spine) and tried some different food. Usually I don't eat from this stall as there is always a way too long queue. Flooded with all the Chinaaaa people. You should see the food on their plate. Huge pile of rice (and i mean a mountain literally), a whole fish, meat, vegetables and to top it off, Bee Hoon. Yes. I heard it right. Not enough carbohydrate for them.

Shanghai Meat Dumpling

Its is plain nasty. Maybe I'm not use to this as its the first time I'm having one. These dumpling are steamed and to add to it, the meat has this sourish taste. Not appealing in one bit. To farther worsen my ordeal the skin is thick and taste like gluten. Just horrible. Not even eating this again.

Vegetable Bun

Careful of the oil within that may seep out.

This Vegetable Bun is nice. Its stuffed with lots of vegetables, which has been fried with eggs. The bun is then placed on a grill and press down. Think waffler machine. The skin resembles the texture of bread, really nice. Do note that toward the end, it may get a bit oily. However the oil is really tasty with the fusing of the vegetables oil in it.