$1 Macarons finished by the 1 Minute Man

Yes. I'm still very much alive. Don't worry about the lack of posts on the blog. No. I've not died on some uninhabited island, got kidnapped by terrorist or have been abducted by aliens. My friends keep asking why has my blog desecrated into a lifeless ghost town, properly due to the endless plundering loads of school work I've been doing.

Never the less, I still have time for a bit of indulgent since Bakerzin was having their wonderful $1 promotion on their Macrons. This is after the dining in Outback (which I don't have the time to write it up and will have to wait), we loitered around till we find Bakerzin's Suntec branch.

Amongs all the other fast food outlets. Bakerzin reallly stands out.

Sadly. By the time I've arrived only 3 flavours remain.

From the Right: Lemon and Japanese Yuzu

I've never been that much of a sweet tooth. So I didn't really know what to expect of these tiny mutated oreoes. Firstly, the Lemon Macaron. Its rather sour and the shell is brittle. Honestly fairly disappointing for me. I'd hope that the lemon flavour would have been a bit more subtle and sweet, instead its just blaring sour. The second piece, Japanese Yuzu Macaron was beautifully executed. The shell is soft and crumbles when you bite into it. Its crust is slightly sweeted with sugar crystals from within, which complements nicely with the fluffy smooth cream that is ever so light citrus flavour. Well done on this gem. (Though I've never tasted Yuzu before.)

As mention on the title, the enjoyment ended quickly as the amount paid. Though disappointed at first, it was still pleasent to enjoy new things that are avaliable. So don't be quick to condemn places by your first experiences. (Just avoid lemons >_<)

Bakerzin (Suntec Branch)
3 Temasek Boulevard
#B1-106 Sunctec City Mall
Singapore 038983
Tel: 6338 4656

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