The Palette @ NTU

Wow. I must say. Step into a bistro and $3.50 could barely get you a proper sandwich, needless to say a hamburger. Surprisingly The Palette in NTU manages to keep prices low for us budget constraint students. After much Broadway Canteen food in NTU, I have grown severely sick and tired to the oily and horrible tasting food there. Not helping is my budget friend, whom refuse to try anything but canteen food. Amidst his absence, we decided to give Palette a chance for the time we never gave it.

$3.50 for a burger. Believe it. Comes with fries too.

There is even special sets. Like this pasta set, that comes with a drink @ $4.50

Mac, Subway and Old Chang Kee surround this quiet bistro. The place is really nice. Light and ambiance is great and place is clean and air conditioned. Great place to do group meetings and get away from your hectic studies.

Now for the food. Hamburger is nicely done. The patties are hand made with bits on onions in it, grilled to perfection and still locked in it are the juicy fats.
On the patty are topping of fresh mushrooms (not the canned nonsense), cheese, lettuce, tomato and a slice of pickle, all which are very fresh. The sesame buns are toasted and spread with a layer of mayo, not flooding it. This set even comes with fries. Highly recommended.

I regret not trying their meals earlier. Of course they cost more then your normal canteen meals. However, its good to have some tasty and comfort food near you.

The Palette Bistro & Restaurant
Blk 2.1 #01-04, 76 Nanyang Drive
Tel: 6762 2025

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