Palette Revisit

After reading my blog, most of my friends wanted to try out Palette again. Not that i mind, since its a good break from my usual disgusting food. However, we didn't have the chance to eat the Lamington Burger again, as they are only available after 2pm. My friend was rather disappointed. Oh well. We tried their sets instead. Though they cost more that your average school canteen food, they taste rather well.

Potato Salad

Started the meal by sharing a Potato Salad with a friend. Palette does it really good, with enough mayo to coat each potato evenly. Though I would suggest using firmer potatoes and adding more chives to improve this dish. My friend said the same and mention that Astons does a better retention of the Potato Salad, though I would beg to differ.

Breaded Chicken Cutlet

I had this for lunch. One bite into it transits me back to my Temasek Polytechnic days. Its rather similar to the Chicken Cutlet you would get at TP's business canteen. Heavily breaded (though it seems more floury then breadcrumbs to me) and fried. However, its not that oily and rather juicy inside. Each set comes with a slice of garlic bread which are crispy and tasty. They're rather generous on the garlic spread. Depending on your dish, the sides will vary. I noticed that "fried" dishes are accompanied with fries and cocktail salad, as grilled dishes have steamed vegetables and mashed potato instead.

Black Pepper Chicken Chop

I tried a bit of my friend's Black Pepper Chicken Chop. Not bad. Finally found a proper nice grilled chicken in NTU. Its like TP's Mensa Canteen chicken chop, but minus the crispy grilled skin. Pepper sauce is just right. Not too peppery or thick. There is also another dish, which is similar to this. Black Forest Chicken Chop. No. There has not been a disaster where some mad chef decided to make a cake with chocolate and blueberry, infused with chicken. Instead its just Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce. My friend did complained that the sauce was rather salty and very little. Insufficient for the whole chop.

Marina Spaghetti

Lastly, for the final dish. Marina pasta. Consists of pasta, 4 squid rings, 2 prawns and 1 lone mussel. Not bad. Though their could improve their portion side. My friend says the coffee shop under his blocks sells a larger and tasty portion of this at the side price. 0_o. Though i must say they did a great job in presentation of this dish. Nice fat and juicy prawns.

The Palette Bistro & Restaurant
Blk 2.1 #01-04, 76 Nanyang Drive
Tel: 6762 2025

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