Palette Addiction

I cant seem to get bored with Palette's menu, since they offer so many difference choices. Regardless. Their prices though affordable are getting a toll on my depleting wallet.

Double Deck Egg Mayo Sandwich

I was expecting something more when I ordered this. It turn out to be a regular egg mayo sandwich which has gone through a sun tanned and serve up with fries at the side. Though the toasted bread is buttered up and toasted till golden brown, indeed adds another dimension to taste. It doesn't really justify the addition $2.10 for the addition fries and slightly bigger helping of egg mayo.

Black Pepper Chicken Burger

In contrast to the Lamington Burger, Platte also offer a Black Pepper Chicken for those who don't take beef. Its rather normal. Just a chicken cutlet in a bum. Comes with fries as usual.

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