Idling and Surprises

I know. Its been ages since I've last updated my blog. The holiday laziness has been sinking in and I grow restlessly into a slob. The dwindling account balance in my bank account, doesn't help too. Thus have been cutting back on my lavish "consumptions".

I will still not get into my usually blog routine of comestible and nourishment. Instead, I'd like to introduce you to some classical music not in the ordinary form, but extracted from video games. As they say music is food to the ears and soul.

I got lucky and won VIP tickets to the Video Games Live Singapore 2009 Concert and even won VIP seats. How great is that! (From someone who doesn't even gamble or believe in lucky draws, winning this sure is a pleasant surprise.) Sure took me hell a lot of time to upload those videos, so enjoy.

Mario Theme

Legend of Zelda Theme

Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Themes

Final Fantasy 7 (One Wing Angel)

If you like to listen to the full playlist in chronological order, you can visit here to feed you audiophile hunger. The songs will play automatically after each track. Enjoy!

Green Tea or Me?

All those oily food. Time for something that is more healthy and to rid those grease. Introducing OChaCha. Green Tea is has lots of health benefits like Theanine that reduces mental and physical stress, thus the sense of calmness and ease. Catechins, a potent anti-oxidant that reduces heart failure, cancer and diabetes. With all these health benefits one can't find an excuse to have your daily cup of green tea. I got this free with some voucher. Its not bad, rather milky. Though I'd prefer a more "heavy" green tea flavour, which Shokudo (just next door) offer.

252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre,
#B1-44F Singapore 179103
Tel : 6333 5886

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Secrete Place

All right. For the foodies out there. I'll let you into a little secrete in which I've been keeping for a long time. In fact, they make really go zhi char and surprisingly not a lot of people know about them. This place which I use to eat as kid without fail, when I visit my grandparents. Intriguing?

Fried Hor Fun

One word. Best Hor Fun in Singapore. I dare challenge you to try it. The kway tiao they use is the thinner variety and the whole plate is piled with large slides and fish, sliced pork, prawns and vegetables. The gravy is so good that one can drink it, as it is, after the meal and still wanting more. I can't really put a thumb on what makes this an excellent dish. The smooth and silky hor fun? The fried pig lard? The thick gravy? Maybe its all these that makes this dish so good that its beyond words.

Fried Shen Mian

The Shen Mian is similar to the Hor Fun. Only difference is that instead of hor fun, the use of noodles being deep fried to crisp are present in this dish. In fact, the noodles in the shen mian here is thinner than other stalls. This makes the shen mian able to quickly suck all the sauce into the noodles making it flavourful, but still retaining the crispy texture and not turning soggy. The sian mian is deep fried to perfection without being burn in the edges unlike other stalls I've try.

Beautiful Pearls in the culinary world.

One may strongly state that pork lard is so harmful to eat that it is a sin to the body. Well I beg to differ. If one doesn't consume it often. One can still enjoy the pleasures of living to eat, compared to eat to live.

The fried pork lards here are the best I've tried. No fight at all. Often the fried pork lards are deep fried too long making it too dried, too hard or the worst of all charred black. Some are chopped up too small bits to even enjoy munching into it. Some have bits of flesh which in my perspective, isn't good eats. As the flesh would be too dry and hard, disrupting the soft texture of the lard bits. The lard bits here are bites sizes, crackle when bite into and has a smooth fatty interior of lard that just melts away. Simply the best.

Menu very affordable.

With all the food courts sprouting, stalls like this will soon disappear.

The stall has no sign board so you would have to rely on this google map for the place. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

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Cholesterol Explosion

I really love seafood. Its important to watch the intake on food into your body. However, sometimes you just feel like pigging out and just eating all you want. Today is one of those days.

Business is hot as usual.

Firstly, the visit to the Gim Chew Fried Hokkien Noodle. This Fried Hokkien Noodles is really nice. This wok aroma, slurpy noodles and the wonderful thick prawn stock makes it one of the best and favourite Hokkien Noodles I enjoy. However, this granny whom use to fry this wonder treasure does it less often now. Probably retiring. Now its usually the other members of the family who fries it (sometimes the daughter or husband).

Noodles drowning in prawn stock.

Today's version is fried by the husband. Though heavily drowsed with the milky prawn stock, it lack the rich and luster taste of the dish which I remember the old lady. Otherwise, its still the same with slurpy noodles and prawns. Maybe they just didn't do their stock right that day.

I can even descript this picture. Too many things.

This is by far my favorite fried oyster stall. Katong Fried Oyster (though being in Bedok) does its oyster just perfect with plump and succulent mini oysters. The starch is fried to a crisp on the outside and sticky texture in the inside. Eggs are ample and generous. The chilli sauce adds another notch to the already good enough to eat by itself dish. Though the best fried oyster I've eaten is at a night street stall near Malaysia's Times Sqaure. What'd I give to eat that again.

All this food can be found in Bedok Centre Hawker Centre.

Gim Chew Fried Hokkien Noodles

Katong Fried Oyster

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