Idling and Surprises

I know. Its been ages since I've last updated my blog. The holiday laziness has been sinking in and I grow restlessly into a slob. The dwindling account balance in my bank account, doesn't help too. Thus have been cutting back on my lavish "consumptions".

I will still not get into my usually blog routine of comestible and nourishment. Instead, I'd like to introduce you to some classical music not in the ordinary form, but extracted from video games. As they say music is food to the ears and soul.

I got lucky and won VIP tickets to the Video Games Live Singapore 2009 Concert and even won VIP seats. How great is that! (From someone who doesn't even gamble or believe in lucky draws, winning this sure is a pleasant surprise.) Sure took me hell a lot of time to upload those videos, so enjoy.

Mario Theme

Legend of Zelda Theme

Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Themes

Final Fantasy 7 (One Wing Angel)

If you like to listen to the full playlist in chronological order, you can visit here to feed you audiophile hunger. The songs will play automatically after each track. Enjoy!