Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe @ Orchard Central

Crystal Jade has grown much over the years, from a simple Chinese restaurant to a fine dining and even confectionary. Expanding their business, while introducing new dining concepts and food to the masses. With all the ravage of Hong Kong food recently, its not surprising that Crystal Jade also decided to expand their business model into such entities.

Minestrone Soup in Hong Kong Style

Soup is nice is and flavourful. Vegetables are soft and adds natural sweetness of the soup. Though I prefer Kim Gary's version more, this is a bit too robust for me. The toast adds a nice touch, as one can dip and slurp up all those heavy flavours in the bread, rather than just drink the soup by itself.

Chilled Milk Tea

Angled Glass

Presentation wise. This is rather interesting. The milk tea is server in a vase which has a hollowed centre punctured into the glass. This cavity is filled with dried ice which chills the drink. Though well presented it does pose some negative points. Firstly, the serving cups are really small, more like shot glasses instead making it a bit tedious and tiresome to constantly pouring the next glass. Secondly, though the jug seems big. You are getting a lesser than what you expect due to the hollow cavity for placing the dried ice. Thirdly, I can be a pain to pour drink, especially toward the end. As it is impossible to no spill the water (originally hot water)from the dry ice into your drink, while pour the bit of remaining milk tea as the base of the vase. Seems rather wasteful to me.

Despite these, I would still recommend this drink. As taste wise its rather superior compared to other milk teas I've drank thus far. Its aromatic and milky, but yet not overly creamy that one can't enjoy the tea fragrant.

Red Bean Freeze

Think Hong Kong version milkshake and you are pretty close to what Red Bean Freeze represents. This is more like red bean under heaps of vanilla ice cream. It may take a while for the ice cream to melt of a drinks consistency, so mix it well. At least you can ensure that this drink will for sure be cold even till the end of your meal. Can be very sweet, so do take note.

Ocean Basket

The basket includes items like ebi prawns, fish fingers, fried mussels, crabstick, calamari and fries. Rather normal as one would come to expect from a seafood assorted platter.

Sauteed Pasta with Chicken in Spicy Sauce

Sauteed Pasta with Seafood in Spicy Sauce

These two dishes are about the same. Both are pasta with spicy sauce instead of the conventional tomato base that one will come to expect when one comes into mind in Italian cooking. Surprisingly the spicy sauce works wonders with the pasta, it has this sweet and yet tangy taste. The spicy level isn't that hot, thus non-spicy eater can also enjoy this meal. Comparing the chicken or seafood option for the topping. Chicken seems more economical and yet more filling to its seafood counterpart. The fried chicken is also very crisp and well done. Don't really turn soggy even with the sauce poured over it.

Giant Bowl Noodle

Don't let this photo is huge and when I say huge, I meant it with the word "extremely". This monsterous bowl of abomination is gurennteed to fill you till your satisfaction. With items like tempura prawns, fish fillet, tempura chicken chop , pork chop,cuttlefish, crabstick, mussel and a sunny side up to top it off; I doubt anything can trumph this bowl of noodles in terms of ingrediates. One also has the choice of japanese ramen, rice noodles or spicy noodles. Soup base is more of a milky chicken base soup, nothing to shout about.

Assorted Platter with Sides

Another hot favoured is this mixed grill which Crystal Jade offers. This is also fairly lots of items that are placing into the making of this dish. T-bone Lamb Steak, Chicken Chop, Fish Fillet, huge sausage accompanied by sides of sunny side up egg boiled vegetables, mash and corn. If you have a meat craving this is the one to get. All the meat are tender and the sausage oozes cheese when cut into. Satisfying and filling.

Rice Flour Roll with Sesame Sauce

Rice flour roll seems rather odd to appear in the dinner table, but I'm glad that my friend order this. The sesame and sweet dark sauces goes hand in hand and lifts what would be a ordinary rice flour into a little piece of heaven. Recommended.

Crispy Spring Chicken with Lemon Grass

The crispy chicken isn't bad and yet not up to what I had expected. Given that my friend was singing praises on it the whole time before we settled to dine here. The chicken was crisp at the outside, but was a bit dry in the center which I hope to be a bit more moist. Never the less, the taste factor is above average not too shabby.

The service here was pleasant. The waitress was well verse in the menu and had no difficulty recommending dishes that would cater to the taste of my group. Though they fumble at times, the well manner and quick service for the occasion of our requests on the birthday and accommodations were well met.

If one would compare this to Kim Gary, I still favor Kim Gary to this. But Crystal Jade does have some dishes that are unique to itself, why no give it a try and tell me how you guys think about it.

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe (Orchard Central)
181 Orchard Road
#07-15 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6509 3118



June 15, 2010 at 5:16 PM

I found it quite unlike the branch at Bugis Liang Seah. It's very strange, and I thought they should stick to being more authentic HK.


June 28, 2013 at 11:05 AM

Really looks amazing and delicious.
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