Finally Good Western

Ok. I will be frank in this post. NTU western food stalls just plainly sucks. The Broadway Canteen is just cmi. Hall 2 Canteen which "won" the Channel U school foodie show, also just plainly greasy and its just fried, fried oily to the bone. Not to mention the South Spine Canteen, the stall is now close due to poor sales. (I sympathy the owner, sometimes see her over there the whole day just staring blankly. Very Sad.) How I miss my dates in Temasek Polytechnic, where business school has their ""; Mensa has their power mushroom soup, pasta and lasagna; and finally business jolly uncle whom keep asking me eat their steak to be strong. Lol.

Much bigger and better than any western you can find in NTU.

I've finally found the holy grail (more like good) of western in NTU, or more like "not" in NTU. To be precise its situated in NIE. Yup. The western food in NIE rocks. Its breaded fried till crispy, not the crappy and overly greasy "chicken cutlet" you get in Hall 2. There's even an option of mash potatoes, cheese fries, buttered rice or spaghetti for your side. You can have them all if you're really hungry, but be prepared to pay more. Cutlet is relatively good and still moist and succulent in that crispy breaded crust. The fries are about average, but the cheese does make up for it. Finally, coleslaw is more like salad chunks toss in mayo, not coating it well. However one can argue that its much healthier this way, depending on oneself.

Still the best western food canteen resides in the east in the days, which I would call the best years in my adolescence.

NIE Western Food Stall
National Institute of Education
1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 637616
(Block 4, Level B1)

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