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Gang of brothers (sadly...sian no one be my valentine)

Yo guys! Its been a long time since I've blogged about any food (been busy with my studies and projects). Fortunately, 2 of my friends birthdays were inching closely and we decided to hold a celebration for them. Good excuse to eat good food and try out my new camera...Hehehe...

Giant menu to choose from

Pork Okonomiyaki

This is my dish which I order. Okonomiyaki is known to be the Japanese version of the Italian pizza. In no way are they similar at all. The okonomiyaki is consist of a batter of cabbage which is seasoned and placed on a hot grill and place with topping on top (mine consist of bacon strips). The batter is then grilled on one side first, then flipped to the other with skill. The finishing is applied with a thick layer of okonomiyaki sauce and japanese mayo, making the beautiful texture you seen above.

Enough talk. Now to the taste wise. Its rather good. The sauce compliments the batter really well and the cabbage within gives that extra crunch. Most definitely a grease bomb. Though I wished that they would use mince pork instead of the bacon strip which are rather "thin". This dish may seem rather plain and lacking "substance", but don't be fooled, its rather filling.

Moonlight Special Okonomiyaki
(Consist on pork, shrimp, squid within)

I seriously regret not getting this. The difference is about $2 from the previous dish, but you get extra ingredients like shrimp and squid. The okonomiyaki is then top off with an egg and a whole heap of katsuobushi. My friend was kind enough to offer me some. Taste is rather different from the pork version. Being more subtle and plain to enhance the seafood flavour and not overwhelming it with too much sauce.
(Notice the lone egg york sitting in a sea of
katsuobushi clouds and char dark sky of the okonomiyak? Thus the name Moonlight Special.)

Pork Modan Yaki

Modanyaki is similar to okonomiyaki except the batter is replaced with noodles instead. Prefered the okonomiyaki instead. Though my friend are rather lucky, apparently he order the pork version and instead the person gave him the seafood one instead. 1 UP for birthday boy. Should buy Toto. Lol.

Pork Omu Soba

Some guy in Japan had this crazy idea. He ran out of rice, thus he used his soba in substitution of the rice. Fairly nice, though nothing to shout about. The tomato flavouring is just nice, not overly sour like those in the supermarket. This gets my thumbs up.

Handmade Hamburger & Cheese Soup Curry

Give it to the Japanese for their innovation. The stretchy melted cheese stretches as you bit into the hamburger steak with mouthful of curry. I didn't really try this, but according to my friend its rather good. Its not as spicy and a bit sourish. So good. He paid $2 for a bowl of rice.

Cheapest meal you can get @ $2 with complimentary free plain water

Pork Cutlet Curry Rice

***This post is highly dangerous and makes you hungry for sure***
The pork cutlet is really good. Too good for the price you are paying and one of the best I've eaten thus far. Its seriously good. The crust is crispy, but not overly thick or too oily. The pork inside is firm and nicely moist. Not the best, but by far the 2nd in my standards. The curry that comes with it is thick and crunchy with bits of vegetables in it. One may notice the tomato base in the curry as its sweet, but the curry still retains the spiciness in it. Most definitely worth to come back for this.

Japanese Gourmet Town consist of three major food groups of Okonomiyaki/yakisoba, soup curry and ramen. They are basically 3 stalls under one roof, in order of Botejyu from Osaka, Yoshimi from Hokkaido, and Ajisen from Kyushu. The ambiance great. The place is brightly lit and place has a great deco. The kitchen is glass paneled so you can request the waitress for a table near the kitchen if you like some chef skilled action. If you like that is a lot a scenic view of the night lit view of sentosa in their open air tables. Service is prompt and staff are quick to react. The waitress that served us, was kind enough to explain any queries we ask. Though you may have to wait for a while till you order is served, as the kitchen can be quite busy.

Japanese Gourmet Town
1 HarbourFront Walk
#01-157/158 Vivocity
Tel: 6224 9690

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