Astons Cathay Again...

Yup. Just before the Chinese New Year come and we welcome in the new lunar calendar of the ox, my friend craves for more beef. Hopefully we don't offend any ox deity. Lol.

It seems like lots of people have found out of this location of the fairly cheap good food in the city. In the past, most youngsters use to converge on Plaza Singapura's Cafe Cartel, due to its cheap and yet "good" food (and free bread) it provides. I believe the sudden surge of crowd in Astons is due to the people being more aware of its presences in the sleepy and silent building. However, since Astons can provide cheaper and great tasting food that Cafe Cartel, I don't see why the regular people make their pilgrimage to this location, to savour some tasty steak.

Charbroiled and BBQ Chicken with Baked Potato and Potato Salad

Black Pepper Steak with Potato Salad and Fries

Seems to me that even thought Astons menu have Black pepper steak. Its just a version of the normal sirloin steak, but with black pepper sauce instead of its normal mushroom sauce. This I don't understand, why would they classify this as another dish. Instead, shouldn't they just have sirloin steak with choice or black pepper or mushroom sauce.

Ribeye Steak with...well you know
Yes. We are Potato Fanatics

Look at that beautiful marbling or medium rare doneness

I would say this visit to Aston's was a very pleasant one. Even with the long queue, we did not wait for long before we were served in the queue. That's right. The waitering staff came to us with menu and inform us to select own choice of meal, so that they can cut down preparation time and serve us better. True enough. Not long after we placed our orders, we were ushered to our table (too bad for the group in front of us, but going to Aston's with a crowd of 9 is just to plain dumb). Soon after the meals followed.

Apparently, there was some mixed up with the sauces in our order and we ended up with a complimentary baked potato again. Yes. This also happened in my previous Cathay visit. Still service is prompt. Soon all the meal arrived excepted mine. Then this man without the regular staff uniform served me. Too my pleasant surprise its Mr Aston Soon himself. Damn. I should have chat with him and took a photo.

Rating on the meal I had? Best Aston's visit by far. The Ribeye was grilled to perfection with even doneness and marbling. The steak doesn't bleed, proves that I has rested long enough, plus the fat just seeps out of its juicy succulent meat when I place it in your mouth. Heaven. Maybe Mr Aston grilled the steak himself. Lucky me.

Astons Specialities (Cathay)
2 Handy Road #04-03
The Cathay Building
Tel : 6887 5889

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