Victor's Kitchen @ Sunshine Plaza

I had a dim sum craving and heard some good reviews on this place on television and forums, thus me coming here. It was around tea time and been a weekday, it wasn't as pack as the other times I've passed by it. This being my treat to my friend who stole my prawn in crystal jade post, we proceeded to order a few dim sum as snacks.

Slams of food reviews and awards

Siew Mai
There were suppose to have four, but my greedy
friend ate one before i could take the photo

Prawn dressing in sexy see through lineage
aka Har Gao or Prawn Dumplings

Custard Buns

Yuan Yan Tea

What can I say. This place is good. The Siew Mai was nice and tasty, thought the lack of prawn was a bit disappointing. The Har Gao was a bit of a disappointment. The prawn was fresh and tasty and exceptionally crunchy and had a bit in it, the skin also was firm and didn't break apart when I lift it off the bamboo steamer. However, the skin was a bit too thick for my liking and the wrapping did not retain a little soup/sauce in it. This is the first time of me trying custard bun, not knowing what to expect. To my surprise, its rather good, being savoury and at the same point sweet. We washed everything down with a cup of yuan yan tea, though I wished mine to be a bit more"thicker".

With all that said. It is still definitely worth to come back here to try more of its dim sum from its premium category.

Victor's Kitchen
91 Bencoolen Street
#01-21 Sunshine Plaza
Tel: 9838 2851

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