Waraku @ Heeren

This is my outing with my ns mates. Long time since I met them, since ORDed. Lol. Most of them are working and some schooling. How I miss the aimless stress-free days. Sian....

Thank goodness for the reservations i made

Rather soft, yet crispy skin the way all tofu should be made

Tonkatsu Wazen

My previous experience with the Tonkatsu in waraku seems bigger...

Gyu Yanagawa Wazen

Honestly both Wazens are rather big, which consists of a main dish, rice and noodles (choice of udon or soba). Since the dish contains two carbohydrates, one could easily share this with another and order some other side dish. I actually ordered the Ika Maruyuki (no photo, forgot to take ;P), but the squid turn out to be overcooked and tough and the sauce isn't as bubbly hot as the image in the menu. Rather disappointed. Their set meals are not really that attractive, their lunch special seems better.

260 Orchard Road
#05-04 The Heren
Singapore 238855
Tel: 6834 1123
Website: http://www.waraku.com.sg/index-sin.html

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