Double Double-Cheese Burger

What do you get when you combine two double cheese burgers together. Well you get a "unofficial" quarter cheese burger from MacDonald's. Since a Big Mac already cost $4.25 on the menu and consist of 3 buns (carbohydrates), 2 beef patties (protein) and 1 cheese slice. 1 Double cheese burger instead consist of 2 buns, 2 beef patties and and 2 cheese slices.

Now to the assembly instructions. (This way vary from person and person, but this is my personal preference). Approach the MacDonald's counter and order 2 Double cheese burger. Then instruct the cashier that you want a special order where you combine the burger together. However, you only want the two top and bottom buns, patties and cheese; no pickles, tomato sauce and onions. Don't worry the cashier will be usual and give you the "wtf" face and usually inquire his manager, whom will usually come to you ask the order again and finally give the go ahead. (Funny to see the cashier instruct the manger who in turn confirm the order, then to go to the kitchen and repeat the order to the assembler. Yes. "Cooks" in MacDonald's are seen as assemblers in my eyes, since they only stacker orders, instead of really cooking. Lol!)

So the construction will be from bottom to top. Bottom bun, cheese slice (no. 1), beef patty (no. 1), cheese slice (no. 2), beef patty (no. 2), cheese slice (no. 3), beef patty (no. 3), cheese slice (no. 4), beef patty (no. 4) and finally the top bun.

Now. For the main star...

Definitely Grease Bomb (Stretchy Cheese)

Fountain of Cheese

Doctor our patient is bleeding to death

My NTU hostel and workplace

Explosives to health destruction

Even distribution of cheese and beef

What! Its over...*sad*

Firstly. Yes! Quarter cheese burger is very filling so be prepared to be filled. So comparing with the Big Mac, double the number of patties, 4 times the number of cheese slices and since I only ate the same number of buns (Didn't overload carbohydrates). Cost wise its better then ordering a Big Mac. Yes. Its definitely more fats, due to the additional cheese and patties, but I'm comparing it from a cost point of view. In addition, you don't eat MacDonald's more than once a fortnight. Do you? (In case any of you are going to complain that Big Mac is healthier due to the lettuce in it. Come on. That miserable amount of wrinkled lettuce, go eat some proper greens.)



January 16, 2009 at 10:35 PM

What! Its over...*sad* <-- LOL
Burgers are like growing bigger every day, soon we will have those burgers like 10 patty ^^ Haha...


January 16, 2009 at 11:58 PM

Not really. Mac, BK and KFC seems to be getting smaller to me.