Houseman @ General Hospital

I was visiting my grandma when she was warded in due to a leg operation, when i discovered this rare gem by chance. Located in the houseman food court in GH when I tried this dumpling noodles. The noodles is rather ordinary, however the dumpling is of another league. Each dumpling is packed to the brim and extremely crunchy. Crunchy? You may have thought it was a fried dumpling, but no its a soup base dumpling. How can a soup base dumpling be crunchy? You may ask. Well the secret lies in the contents of the dumpling. Filled to the max of the wanton wrapper is filled with 50% grounded pork and 50% of julienned black fungus, there are also bits of water chestnut. That explains the crunchy texture, which can be quite addictive and makes you wanting to return to GH for the wrong reasons.

Bits of black fungus which seems to be lining uniformly with the mince pork
(Sorry about the poor photo)

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