Random Japanese Food @ IMM Food Court

Finally I have a chance to blog about a bad food. Which isn't a good thing since I would have to go through eating it in the first place. Don't be deceived by this photo. Horror awaits you in the darkness.

Don't judge a book by its cover

I first ate the fried chicken its rather good and the skin is crispy. Rather good for food court standards. There even bits of tempura scattered on the chicken. Coleslaw is also good, not watery and still crunchy, one of the better coleslaw I've eaten. Then to the Omu Rice. The egg looks rather plain, not the rich yellow which I come to expect. I dug in and ate the rice. Hmm...Rather weird taste. As I've never eaten omu rice I don't know what to expected, so I decided to get a second opinion and ask my friend to taste it. He said its not good. However, I still finished it cause rather wasted since I've paid for it. Now thinking about, I could vomit at the tase of it.