Sakae @ Marina Square

Due to the constant nagging of someone on my msn screen, we all decided to got to Sakae to get our fill our (more like someone's) sushi craving. I suppose I don't need to elaborate in Sakae Sushi buffet much since it hasn't change much over the year (except removing half serving of soft shell crab from the buffet selection. Yah! I know this is damn long time ago!). Apparently, its a long time since I have eaten Sakae Sushi and only yesterday did I realise that per person is allowed a single red plate per buffet. Thumbs up.

Unagi Maki

Sun Maki

Lobster Tama Maki

Hana Maki

We selected these amongst the premium maki (red plates). Unagi Maki is rather ordinary, but with extra twisted of crunchy salmon skin in it. Sun Maki is similar with the California Maki, but with extra avocado in it. Those Sakae version isn't as creamy as what I would prefer. The next two maki are really not bad. The Lobster Tama Maki with its stuble sweetness of the tama and flavourful richness of the lobster flesh combines saltiness and sweetness in perfect harmony. Finally, the main event. Hana Maki. This dish is simple yet so elaborate at the same time. Its simply a rice with salmon sashimi enveloping it, with cream cheese and ebi roe topped on it. One word. Orgasmic. More cream cheese would up the level to out of this world.

Other things to note are the Kani Chawanmushi, Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll, Fried Tofu, Hotate, Gyoza and Salmon Nabanzuke. Works out to be around $18 for student, including service charge and gst. Thanks to Jinhui for the treat. :P

No. 6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-207 Singapore 039594
Tel: 6336 8201

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