Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Suntec

Blame all the japan food, same old western and shitty canteen/food court dishes I've been eating recently. Being Chinese sometimes ones just wanna go back to one's roots of simple and yet complex flavours of Chinese cooking. I've always wanted to treat my friends to some good Chinese restaurant place, but just didn't have the time and opportunity. Oh well this will do for the time being.

Crystal Jade Kitchen (Suntec)

Sorry to my friend if I'm over assertive on this special set which Crystal Jade was prompting. Its just worth much better then the other $126 set in their regular menu, plus its only $20 more for so much difference.

Seafood Thick Soup w/ Crab Meat

Rather disappointed with the soup. I thought it would be brimming with seafood like prawns, crab meat and shellfish, but it contains rather few "strands" of crab meat and tons of tofu cubes. The soup doesn't even any where near being flavourful with seafood aroma, I however taste rather sour and blend.

Sauteed Prawns w/ Salted Yolk

The sauteed prawns with salted yolk was rather good, with every plump and juicy prawn evenly coated with salted yolk. Heaven for people who like strong savoury flavours. This could easily up your cholesterol for the whole week. The prawn is so good, I licked and ate the whole shell, would have eaten the whole head if not for the eyes. (Btw. Someone ate my second portion. Ending with me eating one prawn ***Evil Eyes Stare***). The prawns heads are also trimmed, removing the sharp razor points, plus for good service.

Pork Ribs in Sweet and Sour Sauce
(Should have been Sauteed Frog with Dried Chilli and Nut in Claypot,
but my friend doesn't take seafood :P)

The pork ribs are rather good, thought a bit tough. I've tried better ones. Sauce is not too thick or over powering sour. Love the onions though. Its rather soft, not the hard raw ones that you lazily stir fry.

Crispy Skin Chicken

Average crispy chicken, nothing to brag about.

Braised Beancurd w/ Bailing Mushroom

The beancurd is really good, braise till its soft and all the sauce is infused into it. One bite and all the sauce just flows out into your mouth. Simple yet good stuff. The Bailing mushrooms has the texture of abalone, sort of a poor mans version of abalone. Hahaha!!!!

Fried Mincemeat Tofu (too bad their roasted duck was sold out)

This dish is another of my favourite on that day. The tofu is fried in a batter so thin that its like the flaky skin of a spring roll. Once you bite into it, all the flavours of mince meat and its fats burst into your mouth. Heavenly. Only complain is the sauce that comes with it. Its a cross of thick sauce and soya sauce. I would recommend the chef to change it to honey and lemon or lemon mayo, to better suit the dish. Don't get me wrong. The tofu is good enough to eat it by itself.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

The yang chow fried rice was ok at best. It wasn't oily nor was the rice clumping. However, it just lacks the fragrant and flavour of a nice plate of fried rice.

Almond Cream

I like this almond cream, its rather thick and not too sweet. Just the way I would like it. Though some may think otherwise. It all comes down to individual taste buds. I am one who dislike overly sweet stuff and prefer natural sugar sweetness. The very subtle sweetness.

There is actually one more dish of Deep Fried Soon Hock, but I forgot to snap a photo of it. Its crispy to the bone and yet tender in the flesh. I basically ate the fins. *Crunch* *Crunch*. The sauce is also just nice, not too salty and complements the fish very well.

The food is not bad in a overall and the staff is very friendly and helpful. They made the necessary changes and recommendation to fit our satisfaction. Not like some other Chinese restaurants whose staff are rude and look down on student as if they can "afford" the food in there. Though with some minor disappointments, I strongly recommend Crystal Jade Kitchen's Suntec branch. The service and food is good and you will not be disappointed.

Crystal Jade Kitchen (Suntec)
Suntec City Mall
Tel: 6338 3511

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