Astons Specialities @ Cathay

Finally, we can get good steaks in the city area at affordable prices at the new opened Cathay branch. Its located at the silent corner in right of the escalator. The place is rather small like all the other branches and you can choose between indoors or open air tables. My friends went for the sirloin steak xtra cut and grilled dory fish with herbs. As for me, I'd decided to be adventurous and try the tenderloin.

Sirloin Steak Xtra Cut with Mash & Coleslaw

Same as above, but with Fries (Paprika!!!)

Grilled Dory Fish with Herbs

Tenderloin with Baked Potato and Potato Salad

I do admitted that the tenderloin is a bit small for the price you pay ($25+), but the beef texture is worlds apart from a sirloin. Its smooth, soft and melts in your mouth with great marbling between the flesh and fat making the flesh juicy and succulent with every bite. However, I was disappointed as one of the tenderloin was burned and tough to even chew. Disappointed on it. Perhaps its due to the inexperience staff in the new establishment i assume. The sides are still good though. I love the way astons does their baked potatoes, its skin isn't burned and the potato just done, not over cooked. The potato salad is great too, with every potato coated with mayo thoroughly, no unevenness.

For people who want the better experience,go to the one in east coast road. I still prefer that one.

Astons Specialities (Cathay)
2 Handy Road #04-03
The Cathay Building
Tel : 6887 5889

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