Ministry of Food @ Bugis

MOF - My Izakaya has been around since 2006, yet I've don't seen to have the opportunity to eat at this place. Weird right. Not to bother as I finally have the chance to eat not once, but twice at this place.

Be prepared to wait for a while in this place, as it can be quite pack during peak hours. If u see a queue don't blindly wait in line, as you would have to get your own queue number from the counter. If not, you would have blindly waited for nothing. Now to the food.

Seafood Hotplate with Tonkatsu

Mixed Vegetable Sukiyaki with Sliced Beef Sabu Sabu

Mixed Sahsimi Plate with Udon

Tonkatsu on hot plate with Chicken Karaage

Chicken Karaage stewed in hotpot with Salmon Teriyaki

All of these which I ate within the 3 days on 2 separate visits. Food is nice and good. Though waiting a bit long as they are quite pack. Set meals come with a complimentary tea or coffee which I recommend the coffee. Tea is too blend, could hardly even taste any distinct tea taste. I personally strongly recommend on the sets above are Seafood Hotplate with Tonkatsu and Tonkatsu on hot plate with Chicken Karaage. The hotplates are simply amazing with the sauce and hot grill. Did I mention its also the most value for money amongst the lot? One note to mention. There are also a pot of green tea which the waiter will provide, this would cost you $1 per pack, even when I don't recall order it. Hmmm....

Now to the sweet stuff. Hehehe. For only $3.30, you cause top up your set meal to include any dessert from the price range of $6.80 and below. What a steal. As usual being a foodie, i lost out to temptation :)

Mocha Kakigori

Mango Kakigori

Personally I don't really take sweet things, but japs have a way of making really good dessert. Oh well. All the better for me. The way to eat kakigori is to firstly to take the syrup and pour it over the kakigori. Don't bother about the excess syrup spilling it over the glass, you aren't washing the dishes anyway. Lol. Now comes the tricky part. Spoon a bit of soft serve, then ice shavings and finally the bits of red bean or mango depending on your order. Combine and consume. Its that easy. Word of caution though, depending on your soft serve architecture structure, you may need to eat it first before the entire leaning tower of Pisa comes crashing down.

Overall, mof is a good experience for me and I don't mind coming back for more. (Oh. I actually did that already. Hmm...Lol!) If your group is large, you can book reservations first, or be prepared to wait for a wait. Serving staff are polite and they don't scream "irashaimase" at the top of their lungs unlike some other jap restaurant i know. You may need to wait a while for your food to arrive, but for what is to come its alright. My only complain is that i don't understand why would that place a vase in the middle of a walkway which is already small enough to walk.

Bugis Junction (Cafe & Restaurant)
200 Victoria Street
#02-45 Bugis Junction S(188021).
Tel: 65-6338 6466

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