Sizzler @ Suntec

Celebrating my friend's birthday and since he was all crazy about this place with its steak and unlimited salad bar. Unfortunately its really pricey for its stand in my opinion. Price range is from $25 and above. All sets came with the unlimited salad buffet which is value at $19.90 itself. However, who would miss the main (STEAK) in a steakhouse.

Ribeye Steak

Singapore Spicy Chicken (Hindu friend cant eat beef. :P)

Steak and Grilled Salmon

St. Louis Style Pork Ribs (Full Rack)

Teriyaki Mushroom Cheese Steak

I got the Teriyaki Mushroom Cheese Steak, should have gone with medium rare instead of medium. :s
The cheese seems to be rather like the cheese slices for the supermarket rather disappointing. In addition, only a sirloin at that price seems rather steep. The only think I enjoyed in the main is the sweet fried onions, though is seems to be rested too long, thus not as crispy as it should be. The fries are just nice with just enough season salt for flavor. Honestly, I would recommend the Sirloin Steak instead of the Teriyaki Mushroom Cheese Steak. Though priced similarly and use the same sirloin cutting, due to the "cheese and fried onions", the
Teriyaki Mushroom Cheese Steak is considerably much smaller then the Sirloin Steak set.

I also tried a bit of the Singapore Spicy Chicken, its really tender and good, but its not spicy even one bit.

On the salad bar. It has a really great variety of salads leafs, olives, sauces. There are also pre-prepared salads like tuna, pasta, potato salads, etc. (I strongly don't recommend the potato salad. Its blend.) There is also nachos with a range of different sauces and garnish like spring onion and mozzarella cheese. There is also grounded coffee machine for your cappuccino and a soup station with excellent soup with vegetable chip and crouton to go with. (The mushroom soup and clam chowder are damn good, thick and fragrant.) Finally to finish the meal, there is fruit bar and soft serve machine.

Perfectly Shaped.

Mango Fruit Cake (Fruit Noobs Beware!!!)

Birthday Boy

I do hope Sizzler adjust their menu, to provide their menu with the option of set meals alone. Instead of "forcing" the unlimited salad to the customers, since the price of the salad is "integrated" in. I feel we didn't really get to enjoy the full glory of the salad bar anyway. We were fully quite a bit from our mains and didn't really eat much from the salad bar.

Sizzler Suntec
#B1-21/22 Suntec City Tower 2
Tel: 63365866

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