Birthday Celebration @ Happy Pay Steamboat & Chef

To celebrate my friends birthdays (Yah. You read it right, we were celebrate 2 friends birthdays together), we went to Happy Pay Steamboat & Chef aka 天天火锅小厨 for the big occasion due to budget constraints and my craving for thinly sliced beef. Seems to pack even on a Wednesday evening. Food here is buffet style where you pick the items from the trays lay out in a row, unlike ala carte style of other steamboat places.

For variety wise. The meat category consist of the usual sliced meat, pork ribs, pig organs, etc. Vegetables consist of Chinese lettuce, spinach, shikate mushroom and string mushroom. Seafood consist of clam, prawns, crab, cockles and squid. Under misc, there are the hot dogs, meat balls, crab sticks, dumplings, etc. There is also fried bee hoon, fried rice and fried dumplings under the cooked food section. Drinks consist of either plain lipton or ice lemon tea. There is also a variety of sauces for you to choose from.

I like the way happy pay does their steamboat. Food is displayed, where the people can see and choose the food which they want. Not look at a damn menu and only to find the beef arriving still frozen stiff. I must comment that their beef is very good. Its slices thinly that i only require to swish it 4 times to and fro to get it cook just done. Also there are not much tendons in it, making it pleasant to eat. Another thing is that this place actually has a variety of sauces to go with different food, unlike somewhere which i know that only have chilli sauces. I don't believe steamboats need to be just blend food and eating it hot, a good sauce will not spoil the natural goodness of steamboat food, but may instead compliments it nicely.

天天火锅小厨 may not be the best steamboat out there, yet it is certainly not the worst or as bad as other reviews I've seen so far. Neither is it mind blowing. Weekend will be super pack or due to larger number of customers, which may cause standard to drop. Your best bet is to visit on a weekday with reservations.

No. 2 Tan Quee Lan Street
#01-01, Bugis
Tel: 63364101

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