Macau Munch @ Senghuat Eating House

Read this base on "makan" zone from hardwarezone. Apparently base on some reviewers, its really good and authentic pork chop bun like the ones from Macau. I've never been to Macau, but base on the hype on it, I'd decided to check it out.

The store is situated in Senghuat Eating House, which is across the street from Bugis MOS burger. (Its also near the famous duck rice stall) Don't be deceive by its appearances, they have a variety of buns and fried stuff. There is even chicken cheese cutlet, definitely worth checking out another time.

Macau Munch Stall

Ham Ji Peng & Pineapple Bun

Secret in a bag

Look at that greasy bomb

Bleeding cheese

Other then the macau burger, i order the pineapple bun and ham ji peng. The pineapple bun is just like your average normal bun, sliced in half and spreaded with butter. Nothing absolutely good about it. Its just slightly fragrant. The ham ji peng is the same, at best average. Now for the good stuff.

The macau burger structure from bottom up is burger base patty, cheese, lettuce, pork chop, chilli sauce, mayo sauce and top burger patty. As you can see the burger is a grease bomb. The patties are thinly sliced and packed together to form a patty with a good teriyaki sauce coats it all around perfectly. Upon sinking your teeth in it, the burger bleeds cheese, chill and mayo. Yet the sauces compliments the whole burger quite well.

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