Fish Mart Sakuraya @ ParkwayParade

Well was in parkway to grab some snacks for the festive season. (more like an excuss to stuff myself. Lol!) I passed by this interesting Japanese supermart-cum-sushi bar. They have a variety of food ranging from instant fix meals to Alaskan crab. Anything for you to DIY your our sushi at home. They have a group of sushi chef who will serve sushi on the spot to you, no fancy restaurent just good sushi. Have not tried the sushi there myself, but the place is brimming with food that I just had to buy some back to try to be the next iron chef! Whahaha!

My Japanese Hoots!!!

Japanese Mayonnaise going at a bargain only at $4.80, normally this would be going at $5.80 at other supermarket. Ebikko (prawn roe) a whole heap is going for $3.50, normal a ebikko sushi is already going for $0.70, I could easily make like 10-12 pieces with this. Finally a found the legendly Calpico soft drink. There are also 500ml, 1.2 litre bottles and another concentrated version which you can mix with other drink.

Sakuraya Food Pte Ltd
80 Marine Parade Road
#B1-83D Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269
Tel: 6345 4714

Other Sights

Cold Storage Sashimi Section

David sure to drool over these.

Some breadtalk buns

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