Japanese Lemonade?

Drinking this drink will help you regain health or level up?

Lemonade. One will imagine a smooth sweet drink that is suited to quench one's thirst. If so. Don't even try this drink above. The Japanese Lemonade by Pokka will definitely give those people with sweet teeth something to swear about the whole day. The fluid inside is horrendously bitter and leaves a bad after taste. Worst is that it makes you even thirsty. Maybe a mechanism for Pokka to make you buy more of its other drinks. ***$$$***. Sa-Ching.

The only good thing to mention is that the glass bottle seems rather durable and solid to withstand the drop from the vending machine. Looks rather cool too. I wanted to test its durability against the wall, but my friend grabbed and threw my bottle away before it happen. Too bad. You wouldn't ever catch me drinking this again. I would rather drink sea water.