Astons Empire

The success of Aston's formula of cheap, great portions and customization dishes has propelled Astons to mushroom all over Singapore. Still bringing cheap food to the masses in the city area, but still maintaining its affordable prices. They have expanded to Suntec City and a newly located Astons Prime in Centrepoint, bring the total of 3 branches in the city (including Cathay Branch).

Giving my friend more excuse to dine there. As much as I enjoy Astons, 3 visits in the time span of 2 months is one too many.

Budget Establishment is bound to be a crowd magnet, so be sure to be prepare to wait.

Sirlion Steak for my carb glutton friend

Chicken and Sausage Set.

The sausages though small were rather good, goes really well with either potato salad or smash. However this is costly then Double Chicken, makes one really difficult to decide on an addition slab of chicken or 6 aromatic sausages. Hmm...

Double Chicken with different Sides

Preshafruit Granny Smith

Spotted this rather interesting drink. Its imported drink from Australia that utilities High Pressure Processing to squeeze every ounce of juice naturally from the fruit. Unlike conventional juices which are heat pasteurised, thus resulting in lost of colour, taste, smell and nutrients.

Extraction Process

With our powers combine...

Different variety

I must say their design and marketing department did a great job. Defying from the traditional cylindrical bottle to a triangular one is certainly an eye catcher.
Taste wise. Its really a shocker. The juice is pleasant, clean and refreshing. Simpler to simply biting into an apple. Really puts all the rest of juices you get in the supermarket to shame.

Back to the topic on Astons. Service is rather bad. With missing orders, long waiting time and large crowds. However, this is rather understandable due to the new and inexperience service staff. Hopefully it would improve with time.

Astons Specialities (Suntec)
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall
Tel : 6884 8816

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