Taiwan Cup Noodles

Was at my David's place for gaming session when he brought out these as a surprise.

Spicy Beef Noodles

Original Stock Beef Noodles

So many packagings.

Final product after 3 minutes of tormenting wait.

I'm a big noob when I comes to Taiwan Cup Noodles. In fact, this is the first time eating those from Taiwan. My knowledge of instant noodles ends at the one where you place them in pot of water and boiling them. Even when ripping in the seasoning packs leaks the explosive aroma which engulfs the whole room. After the what seem to be a long wait. The noodles are sub par, but I love the stock. Really rich and full body. Big thanks to David's uncle for bringing these from Taiwan.



December 18, 2010 at 11:44 PM

you can try to order from this website -


The beef is from Australia so the meat and noodles will definitely taste delicious!