Modern Peking Duck @ ION Orchard

Have craving for Peking duck, but don't wanna spend $60 in a high class restaurant for a whole duck. Modern Peking Duck in ION Orchard has introduce their solution of 5 pieces of Peking duck slices for the price of $6.

Modern Peking Duck is opened by the Toh family. They are no amateurs on the field, with 30 years experience in the roast meat industry. Now the luxurious Chinese Dining will be readily accessible to the general public.

More birds more luck money.

Chef at work. Do not disturb.
The on-looking bystanders do seem creepy.
Now I understand how a goldfish feels.

Little piggie and rip skinned duck boxes.

Packaging was really original with custom boxes to differentiate the two specialties of roast pig and Peking duck.

The Big Pig aka Roasted Big Pig

The Big Pig has some hits and misses. The chunks of meat in the front as you can see are bland, not seasoned enough and dry. However, dipping it into the black sauce dip does improve it a lot. Introducing a sweet and salty twang to the meat flavor, without it would be really disappointing. The portion closer to the ribs however was really tenders. One can taste the salt rub applied even on it before roasting the pig whole. Finally to the best portion of the roast pig, the crisp skin. The skin is very crisp and crackles with every bit. (In terms of the crispy skin) Not the best I've had, but among some of the better ones I've tasted thus far. Though they hope they would be more generous with the skin next time.

Modern Peking Duck

Wanna piece of me?

This has to be the highlight of the day. The Peking duck is execute really good. Never mind the long queue. The wait is worth it. Each slice of Peking duck is carefully wrapped in thin egg crepes and brushed with hoisin sauce. There is lot of duck meat present inside the wrap and its tender and lacks the strong smell that most people hate about duck. The sauce is just right and doesn't overpower light nature of this dish.

Although I do agree that the roast pork and Peking duck are on the pricey side for finger food. I do encourage you to try out the Peking duck. Really good stuff.

Modern Peaking Duck
2 Orchard Turn
#B4-75 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6509 8539


  Dave T

August 26, 2009 at 9:21 PM

my family and i just visited ion for the first time and wandered thru the food outlets outside the Opera food court. i remembered this article and was happy to find that there was no queue at the stall. We ordered the big pig and the peking duck for $6 each (there are only 2 choices) and were cheerfully served by the several staff at the store.
we were quite sorely disappointed. Being a big peking duck and 'yu chu' fan, i was expecting at the very least, something crispy.
The duck was wrapped in an egg crepe that was somewhat rubbery, yet managing to break apart easily. the filling that greeted the first, second and subsequent bites was just powdery duck that had an initial very gamey nose. there was hardly any skin and this continued to the other 5 crepes as well. Where there was skin, it was soft and completely lacking in texture. Completely absent was the crispy caramelised peking duck we get at restaurants. Even comparing to the beijing's Quan Ju De which famously has good original beijing ya that is not crispy like the way its done in spore, this one was all wrong. There was just too much meat and hardly any skin, and where there was, was mushy.
The pig, was 20% crackling and a whole pile of meat. We were again disappointed that the skin was tough and chewy. The meat was however still quite moist and tender and reasonably flavourful, but that wasnt the point of a roast suckling pig was it???
I do hate to slam a new outfit but i felt that food should be at least representative of what it purports to be, and not miss the point so bad. For suckling pig and peking duck, the price was not a shock, but the disappointment was. i would definitely not return unless they sort themselves out.

Our dinner was saved by an underdog in the food court, which was the teochew fish ball noodles. at $5, it was expected for the location, but the generous hand made fish balls that were savoury and crunchy in a delicious broth that brought fond memories of school days in the 70s, noodles which were 'song' and well textured. just the right amount of pork lard and vinegar. Well worth the visit!


June 22, 2012 at 10:55 PM

The staff r rude. Duck skin very little. Expensive too considering its just take away.