Childhood Memories

Dippy the up market cousin of Yam Yam.

Meiji is bias against strawberry flavor.

Matchsticks! Children shouldn't be allowed to play with fire.

I remember the times I would bug my mum when we pass by the mama shop (provision shop), to buy me Yam Yam to snack on. Long are the mama shops gone and slowly disappearing into the shadow, but Meiji Yam Yam are still present though hard to come by. I happen to get these instead. "Dippy" are also by Meiji, but under a different look. I came by them while in NTU's bazaar fair 2 weeks ago. They were at the same pricing as the Yam Yam ones, thus I decided to try them out.

Taste wise they were not as sweet as the sugar syrup moose of the Yam Yam ones. Instead they are more chunky and thicker moose. The strawberry even have bits of seeds inside.