The Taiyaki @ ION Orchard

Many varieties of Taiyaki to choose.

The Taiyaki offers many different kinds of Taiyaki. From the sweet to the savory. They have French Cinnamon, Italian, German Potato, Fresh Banana Chocolate, Bacon & Eggs and Japanese Premium Azuki. They even place country flags next to the different Taiyaki to state where they got their inspiration.

Very generous azuki beans filling.

As you way have noticed. The Taiyaki sold here is different compared to the ones you normally find in Singapore. The main difference is the crust. Instead of the thick and sticky pancake mix that we are accustomed, the ones here are made up of very thin and crisp layer of crust. Beneath it is a very generous amount of filling. Guarantee to make you smile.

Attack of the Birds Fish

Poor fishy.

I tried the Bacon & Egg (British) Taiyaki. The crust is indeed very crispy and paper thin. The whole interior is filled with a whole egg with a strip of bacon. Taste wise the Bacon & Egg comes out to be rather average. Maybe I should have stick to the more traditional Azuki Beans.