Benten Cafe @ Iluma

Brightly lit place. You can't possibly miss it.

Japanese plastic food models are good enough to eat.
Note the huge jug of parfait at the bottom.
Can make any birthday girl smile.

Interior is very brightly lit and radiates a warmth feeling.

One strong point about Benten Cafe is that the food is priced at a affordable range. With most main dishes being priced at only $10.50 to $13.50, it really is a magnet to pull in the younger crowd. If you are looking for authentic Japanese food, then stay clear of this place. As most of the food there are Japanese westerns. Benten mains offers grill plates, curry rice, pasta and pizzas. Food portions are rather huge and filling.

Teadot is down at the other corner, were giving out some Chives Green Tea.
Rather refreshing. Will try them out soon.

Love their salt and pepper grinder.
Nothing beats freshly grind pepper.

Hamburger Steak & Egg

Salmon & Hamburger Steak

Buttered Toast


There are many different alternations of their grill plate items ranging from their more common hamburger steak to teriyaki chicken, pork cutlets, salmon and ebi prawns. There are single mains and combo mains to cater to the pea eater and hungry frenzy crowd. All come with sides of broccoli, corn and fries. To add on to the already confusing menu, there is a option of 3 kinds of sauce to go with your meat. They are demi glaze, black pepper and curry. Then there is the final option of bread or rice to go with your grill plate items. I would recommend toast which is rather fragrant though not being garlic toast. Plus all those carbohydrates from the fries should be able to satisfy your starch intake for the day.

I had the hamburger steak & egg.
The demi glaze, which is a thick brown reduced meat stock, goes really well with the hamburger steak. Though I feel that they were a little stingy on the sauce. The hamburger though big was a bit too brittle. However, the sweetness of the bits of onion within the patty does make up for its flaws. Still Wakaru has a better retention of the hamburger steak.

Pork Cutlet Curry Rice

Hamburger Curry Rice

Curry rice is not bad. The curry is slightly different compared to the ones that you would get from regular Japanese places. Its slightly hotter and not as thick in flavor. Neverless its still above average. The pork cutlet is huge and goes really well with the curry. Though its a first of me trying Japanese curry with hamburger steak, the brittle steak doesn't complement the curry as well as the pork. Due to the brittle nature of the steak, thus losing out in terms of texture.

Matccha Azuki Parfait

Choco Banana Parfait

Benten Cafe also offers a few parfait at really low prices of $5.80. Though incomparable with desserts from MOF and Azabu Sabo, their parfaits are rather well done. The one above are their regular size ones. They also offer mini parfait at $3+ and a godzilla parfait at $38. Only complain is that, they should at least cut the ugly skin of my honeydew.

Benten Cafe (Iluma)
201 Victoria Street Bugis
Singapore 188607
Tel: 6884 7077

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