Dallas Chicken & Ribs

There has been a lot of hype on this place base on their chicken here. Dallas Chicken & Ribs is a Halal chain based in the UK and known for their chicken. However this is its first franchise in Singapore, brought in by a Pakistani descendant Briton.

Although called "Dallas Chicken & Ribs", this fast food places doesn't really sell ribs. Chicken is their specialty. The owner has done some tweaks to the menu, to cater to the locals taste buds. One example is the Chicken Rolo, which has its tortilla skin replaced with roti prata instead. The chicken they used here is fresh, unlike KFC whom uses frozen chicken.

The Place is small. So be prepared to squeeze if you going in a large crowd.

Finally got to try this place after the rave on the fabulous chicken that come out of their kitchen. Due to the food raze on the Hong Lim Food Centre arc. I've decided to go small and order only a 2 piece meal to try out.

2 piece Chicken Set Meal.

Canned Drink of your Choice with every Set Meal.

Honestly. The chicken isn't as good as what most people have claimed. Its rather normal and nothing really special. Just regular fried chicken. I requested for chicken breast, as that my favourite part of the chicken, and it turns out to be dry and rather bland. Especially at the thicker parts. The seasoning used wasn't really flavourful too. However, my suspicions point to a down in standard, as I read in most forums that standard has drop. Some state that the owner was trying something new with the seasoning. Whether it was, Dallas chicken wasn't what that make its name as before.

Fries come in a separate paper bag and packages of salt and pepper that allows one to season their fries to their own liking. Wings pieces were also chopped into pieces after frying to allow easy eating of the drumlets and wing parts.

The place is really small so avoid going in large groups. In addition, there is also a all-you-can-eat buffet that contains the whole items on their menu. All at the price of only $10. Buffet time is from 3pm-6pm any day.

Overall I can't really comment whether its worth to come back here, as I haven't tried the other items on the menu. Maybe I'll try the buffet. As for the chicken, its a big disappointment.

Dallas Chicken & Ribs
12 Upper Cross Street
Singapore 058328
Tel: 6223369

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