Ice Monster @ The Bencoolen

After the wonderful meal, my friends and I decided to walk from Chinatown to Bugis. Yup. For once, we should slow down our pace and take some time and enjoy the scenery in Singapore. (Those who wanna read the food review just scroll down).

All that walking sure is tiring. The dry and blazing sun wasn't that helpful either. Some nice ice shaving should be nice. Sweet chunks of fruit and syrup would make it even better. Thus the existence of Ice Monster. Ice Monster originated from Taiwan and is one of the top ice shaving dessert chains there.

Shhh...The mascort is sleeping.

After browsing a whole list of their different variety of desserts, we decided to share two desserts amongst the four of us.

Fresh Mango Shave Ice with Strawberry Sherbet & Milk

Fresh Mango Shave Ice with Mango Sherbet & Milk
Top with Durian Puree

Ice Monster is definitely top notch in their desserts. The ice shaving can only be described as "snow" like. Really even consistence without any large chunks of ice. This is topped with a generous amount of mango chunks and mango syrup that covers the whole ice mound. The Sherbet is really smooth and soft. The strawberry one even has a hint of sourish, but not too overwhelming. Nice touch there. The Mango Sherbet is covered with a glistering shiny coat of mango syrup, just screaming "beautiful". I can't even bear to eat it. Durian Puree is also really thick and creamy. Though I find it a bit strong and overwhelms the other flavor of the fruits.

Ice Monster definitely a nice place for their desserts, especially on a hot day. Though it can be price, its all worth it. Caution though. Rather easy to get a brain freeze as one quickly helps oneself on the delicious dessert.

Ice Monster 冰馆 (The Bencoolen)
180 Bencoolen Street
#01-23 The Bencoolen
Tel: 6339 7362

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