Fragrant Hong Kong Pork Rib Rice

Being a Cantonese, Hong Kong food does have a special place in my heart. Most dishes tend to be light and simple, but heart warming to the soul. Fragrant Hong Kong Pork Rib Rice does provides this satisfaction.

Simple yet homely.

This meat is lean and not too fatty and lightly season just nice to the point. The rice compliments to meat rather well with its light and fluffy texture. As the meat was cooks all the natural juices of the meats have flowed down to the bowl. This sauce isthen mixed with the rice, thus creating the orgasmic flavored rice.

One point to note is that this dish is served to you with the pork ribs and rice on a plate, instead of the usually all in a bowl style. This makes eating it rather convenient and a lot easier.

Fragrant Hong Kong Pork Rib Rice
Hong Lim Food Centre
Blk 531 Upper Cross Road

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