Wanton Noodle Specialist

With all those great reviews by magazines and awards earned. This has bound to be great eats. My dad is a hardcore wanton mee fanatic, constantly buying and scouting for these Hong Kong based noodles around the island. I've tried this stall a long time ago, but too long to remember. Thus I've decided to give it a try again.

Ever Endless Queue

There is always a queue at this stall and the old lady is always busy churning out plates and plates of wanton mee. Prices are reasonably cheap at only $2.50 a plate. Comes with a generous amount of char siew,noodles and a bowl of soup with wantons. Now to the taste factor.

Noodles are a very important factor to wanton mee. Just think about it. It makes up of the major portion of the whole dish, thus plays a key important role in the deciding factor of the food.

Look at the heap of ingredients. $2.50 is definitely a bargain.

Wanton Noodle Specialist does this just perfectly. The noodles are springy and has that nice bite factor within. Each noodles are evenly coated with the sauce making slurping down the noodles just a plain enjoyment. The noodles are neither dry or sticky and do not clump together. There is also not a hint of bitter after taste of the baking soda which people may taste in many stalls selling wanton mee. Thus making this the best stall for the wanton mee noodles I've ever eaten before.

There is even 4 or 5 wantons.

However, I can't say the same for the char siew and wanton. The are not very good, but rather average at best. The char siew is not as smooth and soft as I'd imagine it to be, but a bit dry and tough. Wanton is also nothing to shout about.

With all that said. Wanton Noodle Specialist isn't really for everyone and it depends on what defines your plate of wanton mee. However, their noodles are really really good and should be tried out.

Wanton Noodle Specialist
Hong Lim Food Centre
Blk 531A Upper Cross Street

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