Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant @ Tampines 1

I've originally was planning for a Hong Kong trip, but it was cancel in the end due to some complication. Fortunately, Kim Gary opens a new branch in the east, easing some of the disappointment. Now I don't need to travel all the way south just to get my favorite Hong Kong fix.

Kim Gary who is that? I hardly watch any Hong Kong drama.
Doesn't really matter as long he bring the good food, my wallet is always open.

The place is rather spacious, but be prepared to wait quite a while. This place is packed to the brim. Not that I blame them. Who can find fault with someone if their food is so good.

Ying Yong Tea (Mixture of tea and coffee).

The Ying Yong here is the best I've tried by far. Most Hong Kong cafes suffer a downfall on their Ying Yong. They're either too bland or too milky. Kim Gary does it just with the correct proportion and mix. The concoction is thick and heavy, without either coffee or tea overwhelming each other.

Borsch Soup

Another hot favorite is Kim Gary's Borsch Soup. Compared to the "western" version, which can be quite heavy and sour. The one being sold here is more light and clear, which is a good thing as I often find the one outside a bit too sour to my liking. The vegetable are nice and soft, simply mashes away in your mouth. There is also a Sweet Corn Cream Soup, which I would advice you to give a miss for the Borsch.

Garlic Bread (comes in the Steak Sets).

Baked Potatoes Skin topped with Bacon & Cheese.

There are some appetizer for those who isn't really hungry. One of such is the Baked Potatoes Skin topped with Bacon & Cheese. Looks really mouth watering. However, turns out to be a disappointment. I was dry and lacks enough cheese and bacon. The garlic bread that comes in the Steak set instead is rather crowd pleaser. I could smell its aroma across the table. The toast is browned nicely, giving it extra crunch when bit into.

Cheese Baked Rice with Pork Chop

Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Drumlets

One of the more popular dishes in Hong Kong cruise is the Cheese Baked Rice. Kim Gary offered a variety of cheese baked rice with different kinds of meats that go with it. Customers have a choice of Pork or Chicken Chop, Beef, Fish or drumlets. As if that is not enough for customization there is even two different sauces of your choice, for the baked rice to soak in. There is a white creamy sauce with cream, milk and corn. The red in the other hand, is tomato sauce and beef stock. I'd prefer the white cream sauce as its more tasty and is in perfect harmony with the thick layer of melted cheese on top of it. If you are still indecisive and want the joy of two worlds, there is also a twin sauce version. Though its will cost you slightly more.

Cheese Baked Rice with Fish (looking at the tons of cheese)

Kim Gary's Cheese Baked Rice is the power house. The cheese blankets the whole bamboo steamer and the sauce is sufficient to coat each grain evenly. Rice isn't dry and hard after the baking process. Thanks to the ample amount of sauce and thick layer of cheese, resulting in a nature steaming effect within. Caution though. It can be quite hot within. Pork and Chicken Chop are really tender and the fish is also soft and melts in your mouth. After your first bit, you would be scrapping for every scrap, licking the foil for every drip of sauce and wanting a second helping more.

Supreme Chicken Chop Curry Baked with Swiss Cheese

Supreme Pork Chop Curry Baked with Swiss Cheese

The curry baked is also another hot item on the menu. In fact, it has some similarities of the cheese baked rice. The curry baked is like the evil sister of the previous subtle cheese version. Both are baked and have melted cheese coating the top surface. Those who love spicy food should try the curry baked. Its really spicy and you would be soon gulping down glasses of water. Yet though hot, this heat will growth on you and leave you really satisfied by the end of the meal. It cost slight more then the baked rice and has the option of either rice or spaghetti.

Black Pepper Sauce Sizzling Steak on Hotplate

This hot plate is huge. All of us were starving in amazement on the huge portion serving for the Steak on Hotplate. However, it turn out to be quite disappointing. The sauce was bland and starchy from the exhaustive amount of corn starch. Making it more of a soup than sauce. The steak is tender rather chewy, showing that its quite a cheap grade. Interesting thing is that they serve fries on a hot plate. This makes my wonder if the fries remains crisp or soggy from the bubbling hot sauce.

The new outlet is a lot more difference compare to its Vivocity branch, with a more dark and class feel to it. Everything is glossy, thus making the interior very brightly lit. Service Staff are polite and patient. They would even accommodate to your special requests.

Overall, Kim Gary is definite place for Singaporean to have a quick bit of Hong Kong food without actually leaving the island. Of course you can't compare this with those in Hong Kong, but its a good attempt to re-create the standards there.

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant (Tampines 1)
10 Tampines Central 1
#B1-07 Tampines 1
Tel: 6786 1418
Website: http://www.kimgary.com.my/

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