Singapore Zam Zam Restaurent

All those rich food like cafe and restaurants are taking a great toll in my wallet. Especially since I've be financially deprive of the constant flow of allowance from the government since my army days. Money certainly doesn't come free.

Still this doesn't stop me from enjoying simple food around Singapore. One of which is Zam Zam. Zam Zam has been here for a long time, way before I've been born. Yet this successful shop house eatery has its constant flow of regular customers. There is no fancy cutlery or new funky creation food, just simple classic good eats.

You don't see much of these stall anymore.

I believe other places with their glass kitchens are a "copy" of Indian Prata Houses.

Lighter curry to the front is dahl (chickpea curry) and the darker one is mutton curry.

Amongst the curries which they offer. There are Mutton, Fish and Dahl. I would recommend going with the fish and dahl both which are not very hot, but still flavorful and nice. The mutton in the other hand is a bit too rich for my liking. You can request any curry and ask for additional serving if you run out. The waiters there would gladly help you out. The default curry is mutton. So if you prefer the others, be sure to voice out your preference when you order. Food wastage is a sin.

Chicken Nasi Bryani

For those who need to get their daily caboradrate fix, Zam Zam offers Chicken, Mutton and Beef Nasi Bryanis. The rice is fluffy and each grain is distinct without any clumping. The chicken is tender and comes off the bone easily. Unlike some places, Zam Zam doesnt dross their bryani with curry. Instead the curry is served in a separated plate, giving the customer the control of how much curry he would like to drown this Bryani in. Mutton ones are sightly smaller than the chicken counterparts, but are cheaper too.

Mutton Murtabak

When I say that Zam Zam makes a mean Murtabak, i mean it a 120%. Though their more famous for the Bryani they serve, I believe the Murtabak is the key player in their success. For those who haven't eaten Murtabak, its basically a roti prata stuffed with meat and folded into a pocket. In variety of Grounded mutton, chicken, sardines martabaks are offered. Grounded mutton is the way to go. I swear on it. If you are more health conscious you probably shouldn't be here in the first place at all. The murtabaks here are huge and loaded with quite generous amounts of mutton. A small size could easily feed one rather satisfactory. Only complain is that they doesn't have knives utensil, thus eating the Murtabak can be quite a chore.

Mee Goreng (very spicy and devil hot according to my friend's impression).

Prata with Egg (as usual incredibly huge)

All down with Teh Pian

Do note that this place is rather small and going in big groups can be quite troublesome in getting seatings. The shop is separated into two stories and the second level is air conditioned. It can be quite packed during lunch hours, especially during Fridays due to the nearby Sultan Mosque and after prayers devotees.

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurent
697 North Bridge Road
Tel: 6298 6320

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